Nîmes: nibbling operation for the Georges-Bruguier building at Chemin-bas

This is one of the urban renewal projects at Chemin-Bas d’Avignon: the deconstruction of the Georges-Bruguier building will freshen up the district. Snacking operation.

The sixty dwellings of the Georges-Bruguier bar had already begun to disappear from the inside. Everything that made up the bowels of this building on Chemin-bas d’Avignon (piping, elevators, doors) was extracted before this Tuesday, the impressive nibbling operation of the building started.

706 dwellings concerned

The social landlord Habitat du Gard program, following, the deconstruction of Jean-Moulin, which had 40 apartments. This work is being carried out as part of Anru 2. The Department’s lessor had already demolished the Boule d’Or building at Mas de Mingue.

Over the entire territory of Nîmes Métropole, ANRU 2 mobilizes for the Habitat du Gard park a sum of 143 million euros, of which 99 M€ are the responsibility of Habitat du Gard (which has 22 Me of equity and borrows €77 million), the National Agency for Urban Renewal finances €24 million, the Department €12 million, Nîmes Métropole €7 million, the Region €1 million.

706 dwellings will be demolished and 706 will be rebuilt (including 577 already scheduled on the Agglo). The rehabilitation of 501 dwellings and the residentialization of 371 other dwellings are also on the program.