Nîmes: Who is Emma Morandini, aka Miss Nîmes 2022?

Elected on June 11 at the Coupole de Nîmes, Emma Morandini is the first Miss Nîmes elected since 2018. Portrait of an ambitious young woman sure of her convictions.

Originally from Corsica, born in Marseille, Emma Morandini has lived in Calvisson since she was 6 years old. She has just finished her year of Master I in tax law in Aix-en-Provence, with an internship in a Parisian tax law firm, a specialty she says she chose to “his technicality”.

Now Miss Nîme, she is preparing in parallel for the semi-final and the final of Miss Languedoc which will take place respectively on August 1 in Alès and August 8 in Beaucaire. “I understood that the people of Nîmes put a lot of hope in me. I will do everything not to disappoint them and give them back the trust they have given me.”

Miss France ? A contest not so “behind”

At the national Miss France committee, the criteria have been revised and now allow mothers, transgender women, single or tattooed women over the age of 24 to present themselves. “I think it’s a good thing. Miss France also stuck to international criteria and, for example, had to talk about the minimum 1.70 m to allow the winners to participate.”

For her, who claims to be a feminist, the Miss elections have their place in the fight for gender equality: “It’s still one of the rare times when we devote an entire event to women, giving them carte blanche at the microphone, no one tells us what to say. And feminism, that’s right, the choice to make what we want as women.”

Ready for Miss Languedoc

At the time of making a portrait, we feel her at ease and accustomed to striking a pose. “I have been doing animation since I was 18 and I got used to presenting shows and taking the microphone”. The most difficult to manage? “It’s anxiety before parades.” But once on stage: “I have so much fun that all forms of stress disappear.”

Miss Nîmes ensures in any case that her friends and her mother are “already ready for Miss Languedoc” ! “We do not doubt his victory for a moment.” add Sirine, Emma’s friend, and her mother Cécile. Emma finally urges the public to come and support her on August 1st and 8th and promises to “to give everything” !