Entertainment Nine young poets check the Novsimos, 50 years later

Nine young poets check the Novsimos, 50 years later


In 1970, the anthology 'Nine new Spanish poets' came out. Half a century after that event, nine young poets of today review for 'The Sphere' that phenomenon that shakes the poetry

From left to right: Pere Gimferrer. Guillermo Carnero Ana M. Moix. Vicente Molina Foix. Flix de Aza. Jos Mara Alvarez. Josep M. Castellet. Manuel Vzquez Montalbn. Antonio Martnez Sarrin, in 2007 in Barcelona.

It was a burst, a glow. Lightning. A poem by Gimferrer announced: The sea has its mechanics like love its symbols. I proclaimed it from Venice, and that was already different. Nothing was the same in Spanish poetry since then, whether or not he was in favor of that challenge.

Josep Maria Castellet served on a glass tray an anthology that stirred the calm waters of the poetry and its echo was coloring that Spain of 1970. Agrup in the same ship Manuel Vzquez Montalbn, Pere Gimferrer, Flix de Aza, Ana Mara Moix, Guillermo Ram, Antonio Martnez Sarrin, Jos Mara Alvarez, Vicente Molina Foix and Leopoldo Mara Panero. The book arm stir for and against, but the wound was already done and not scar for years.

It was said that this book -Nine new Spanish poets, Barral editors, 1970- was an invention of his prologue, Josep Maria Castellet, that he was, but that he lacked a harmony, that contains very different sensibilities, that it was only an artifice for make noise If so, I got it from afar.

Not everyone had published poems then, like Vicente Molina; some mixed pop and ideological tear, memory and desire: Vzquez Montalbn; in time Flix de Aza forgot the poetry or she of him; Guillermo Carnero does not want to know anything, or very little, about all that but maintains an enviable and constant potassium pulse; Leopoldo Mara Panero went astray between literature and life; Ana Mara Moix soon slid down other paths; Martnez Sarrin remained faithful to cinema, jazz, publishing succulent diaries without forgetting the poems; Jos Mara Alvarez was shining an edition and another of his Wax Museum and honoring Ezra Pound …

And Pere, Pedro at the time, Gimferrer had a lot to do with everything. He was not only waving the pot of quin that should be and not in the anthology but has kept firm the course of a ship in which perhaps he was only traveling l; l with his manas and his exquisite wisdom, l and his translations, his poems as a system of rotating mirrors sliding in harmony.

Half a century after that publication, The Sphere brings together new young poets, who are around the ages of the protagonists of Castellet's bet. A new generation of poets, of very different tradition among them, reviews those Nine newbies who, in some cases, have acquired the label of teachers. Each of them has been suggested a poet of the anthology, by contrast, and has selected from that author or author a poem, which he accompanies with a commentary on that adventure, or on that chosen poem, or on that generation that It was a mullion of poetry.

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