Nintendo Labo: Manufacturer names details of the craft kits for the switch


In a few days, ” Nintendo Labo The developers have now commented in detail on the craft kits for the Switch and answered some questions about the rather unusual gaming accessories .In certain circumstances, even individual cardboard parts can be printed out at home.
With Nintendo Labo, owners of the Nintendo Switch have the opportunity to make fun and varied cardboard creations and connect them to the console and the controllers. The product consists of different templates and the necessary materials to implement specific designs. Other accessories, such as a separate screwdriver, is not needed for this. Templates can be printed out by yourself Basically, the creativity of the user in the composition are no limits. If you do not want to resort to the official components, you can also print out individual elements yourself using a suitable printer. On the Japanese website Nintendo has published a variety of templates for this purpose. Of course, your own printer must be able to handle cardboard. If this is not the case for you, the originals can be printed on plain paper. Subsequently, the paper can be used as a template for cutting out stable cardboard. Nintendo emphasizes that pure paper constructions should be avoided as they can not support the weight of the switch. Educational aspect was not in focus The development process of the accessories was also discussed. Although younger users can learn how simple machines work with Nintendo Labo, the Japanese company initially did not think of an instructive aspect. In an interview with The Verge Kouichi Kawamoto indicates that it was originally researched ways in which the Joy Cons can still be used meaningfully. While Nintendo Labo is already available in some countries, the gaming accessories in this country only appears on April 27, 2018. In a video The developers show some examples of which objects can be easily assembled from the sets. In addition to a mini-piano so arcade machines can be recreated.

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