Nintendo makes official the arrival of its social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for Latin America

On June 15, Nintendo made the digital stores official for several Latin American countries, including Chile, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. A little over 3 months after that, the Japanese company created its official social media accounts for our continent.

With this news, users will be able to know everything about Nintendo through a closer language, with words and expressions from Latin America, distancing itself from Nintendo Spain.

In the case of Twitter, andThis social network was activated on September 20 with a message calling for Nintendo fans to follow the accountsince it will be an official information space.

While, on Facebook and Instagram, both accounts were activated quite a long time ago, but that as of this September 20, they aligned themselves with that of Twitter to report the same content.

With these three social media accounts, Nintendo joins in reporting on our continentJust like your competition does.