Ninth day of strike at Air France: 30% of flights canceled Wednesday


70% of long-haul flights will be maintained Wednesday while the medium-haul will be more impacted with 55% of the insured flights, announced the direction.
The social movement continues at Air France. The company plans to run 70% of its flights on Wednesday, just like Tuesday , announced the management of the airline. This is the ninth day of strike for wages since February, while the draft agreement proposed Monday by the management was considered “indecent” by the pilots. In detail, 70% of long-haul flights will be maintained Wednesday, against 55% Tuesday. The medium-haul will however be more impacted, with 55% of flights (against 65% on Tuesday) departing from and to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. 80% of short-haul in Paris-Orly and in the province are scheduled, like this Tuesday. The company also said in a statement that the flights program for Tuesday “is proceeding as planned.” Two new strike days are already scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. »READ ALSO – Air France: the truth about the salaries of flight crew Proposal for an immediate wage increase of 2% To try to get out of this long and costly conflict, Air France has proposed Monday night – after three days of negotiations – a draft final agreement providing for a wage increase of 2% immediately and a 5% increase over three years. “With this agreement, wages would be increased, on average over the period, by 12.5%,” said Air France, adding an overall increase of 7% for all categories of staff and individual increases (seniority, promotions. ..). But this “growth pact for the future” was conditional. The planned increases would have been adjusted “in the event that Air France’s operating result is less than € 200 million” and a reversion clause applied “in the event of higher inflation or a negative result”, stated the airline company. According to management, these are “strong and economically sustainable” proposals. Proposal “indecent” and “wacky” Submitted for signature until Friday 12h, this proposal was judged Tuesday “totally indecent” and “totally crazy” by the president of the SNPL Air France pilots union, Philippe Evain. “It is not possible to pretend to believe that future increases” for the period 2019-2021 “will replace past inflation,” said the head of the SNPL, the majority union in cockpits. “It’s trompe l’oeil, unacceptable,” he added. On Monday evening, TF’s Karim Taïbi had already lamented that the management had “rejected our outstretched hand” of an increase of 5.1% for 2018, compared to 6% originally demanded by eleven unions, all trades combined, in the past efforts and good business results. Air France “wants to impose a wage moderation agreement over three years”, had abounded Jérôme Beaurain (SOUTH Aérien). For Wednesday, the management announces, on the basis of the declarations preliminary (law Diard), 31.1% of strikers among the pilots, 22.4% among the hostesses and stewards and 13.8% on the ground staffs, of the rates all slightly up on Tuesday. According to the company, including the days of Tuesday and Wednesday, the cost of strikes is 220 million euros.


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