Two crossovers, never positioned as SUVs, were tested by difficult obstacles.

A video appeared on the AllCars Extreme4x4 YouTube channel, in which all-wheel-drive crossovers Nissan X-Trail and Ford Kuga took off-road to demonstrate their off-road capabilities. The action took place on the sodden field roads and sands, and therefore turned out to be a real "fluid test". During the race on the "primer" Nissan X-Trail skidded a lot, unlike the Ford Kuga, which looked at the obstacles much more confident.

Next "Nissan" went on a 2-meter mound. The obstacle with a tilt angle of about 45 degrees was almost under the force of the crossover, but at the top of the hill the car "lay on the stomach." After such a failure, the Ford Kuga driver chose not to try to repeat the “feat” of his opponent. Next, the crossovers drove again through the blurry field roads, where the Ford Kuga was stuck in front of a deep mud puddle and could not get out without the help of the Nissan, who took the American in tow.

On the river sandy beach, the Nissan X-Trail proved to be very efficient, and was able to drive on wet sand. Ford Kuga also coped with this off-road first, but then the car “dug in” and her opponent again “saved”.

Judging by the video, Nissan X-Trail has a higher permeability, if we compare the crossover with the model Ford Kuga. At the same time, it is obvious that both cars are inefficient on a difficult off-road.

Ivan Golovin




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