Niurka said about José José, he wants his ashes to be talcum powder for intimate use


The famous vedette Niurka Marcos heard about what happened with the children of José José, as well as the whole show they made of her departure, her family and finally what she wants to do when her turn comes.

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As only she knows how to do it, Niurka opined about the prince's departure from the song, a theme that has not stopped since it happened, in the midst of the scandal he said his deepest feelings in an interview.

He said: "I had never seen such an est # &% 3 $, when they have seen the ashes split as if it were talc pal c% & #", in a very annoying tone. He went on to say "I am of the opinion that they have stained our prince's departure with such mediocre barbarities, est &% = # $, inep && $ and the circus so ridiculous that they did among all."

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"I am convinced that he spent his entire last stage saying, his # $"! $!% Ma! # &, Which one am I going to … everyone is in the ch% & # "$" # ". The Cuban confessed that she had acted in a very different way to the singer and her family.

He continued saying: "Shut up, name would not have left dust for anyone, would have sent everyone to ch" $ # to his "$%" #% # and would have grabbed the reins as it should be, that pa is his wife, that shower, agh esque no, that p $ ## "%"% "# that does not think with the brain (referring to Sara)."

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Finally, she made it clear that she is very clear about what she wants as her last will when her body is ashes and commented: "May my ashes make them dust for the men & # # $ of men, maybe, yes or no, put it on and% !! #% &% # #%! "% $! $! $, go crazy!".

He ends up confessing that he saw a resemblance to Lucia Mendez with Michael Jackson: "I said if she looks like it, I kept watching her for a while, she won't take off her glasses, she doesn't know why she operates so much, she's behind the screen of those huge glasses ", all this thanks to a meme that was viralizing on this subject.

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