No big loss in missing game

For Trabzonspor, the first half of the match was spent trying to open the defense of Alanyaspor, who returned to the factory settings after Bülent Korkmaz’s arrival, had good defense and had the ability to go straight to the goal when he won the ball. There were moments when he piled the game on the opponent’s field, he put a man into the game from behind, he tried one-on-one, but it didn’t work. On top of that, when Diedhiou’s goal was scored by Davidson’s excellent pass, the job got even more difficult. However, Trabzonspor, who has overcome these difficulties from time to time since the beginning of the season, managed to overcome this difficulty with the goal of Cornelius, assisted by Bakasetas. In the second half, Trabzonspor increased the pressure with each passing minute. In order to draw conclusions from this pressure, Abdullah teacher took Gervinho into the game and started to use Neakaeme as a second striker. However, Alanyaspor’s disciplined, crowded and gradual defense could not be overcome. It became more difficult to take risks when Hüseyin Türkmen was thrown in the last section. The night ended with two missing points.

question of the night

Loss or gain? Every game they can’t win at home is lost, but I don’t think it’s a big loss considering the form of Alanyaspor and the lack of performance in the last section.

Star of the match!

In a game where he defended for Alanya, the name that managed to become the star of the match was Davidson. He threatened Trabzon’s defense in every position he took the ball. He also had a great assist.

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event of the match

Trabzonspor found the goal in the middle of a side, but for some reason, this kind of middles tried very little in the continuation of the match. For a striker like Cornelius, approaching a goal could only come from the middle of the edge.

text message

Bülent Korkmaz had his players accept the right game for Alanyaspor as soon as he arrived and now he is enjoying it.