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"No chance for the younger generation": Reactions to the Bayer mining program – Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Leverkusen –

While Lord Mayor Uwe Richrath considered the upheavals at Bayer "with concern", the judgment of Karl Lauterbach is much sharper: "For Leverkusen that is a devastating news," said the member of parliament on Friday.

As almost half of the 12,000 jobs in the Group's administration will be lost, it will hit headquarters to a considerable extent. How strong will be seen in the coming months. The announcement that the workforce reduction should be done without redundancies, only partially help, said the SPD man the "Leverkusen scoreboard". This blocked access to jobs in the Chempark for years.

"Bayer will fail for a long time as an employer for young people."

This would not only affect future skilled workers, but also young researchers. For this highly qualified clientele, the Leverkusen-based company is of great importance.

As ordered under the austerity dictate with training and takeover, is one of the many negotiating issues between the board and works council. The joint statement issued by the two sides on Thursday states that "Bayer will continue to educate about needs and train the educated." However, there is a need to talk quickly about the number and medium-term needs.

It is also about the still valid until 2020 appointment. The basis for this was the significant challenges that the company faces due to its aging workforce. At the moment, Bayer has 2,053 apprentices throughout Germany. It is very likely that this number will be smaller in the future.

Drastic words about the crash of the stock

That the executive committee reacts to the recent problems with a sales and savings program, Lauterbach finds "disappointing". In view of the crash of the Bayer stock, which had apparently driven the board to action, the Social Democrat found drastic words: "Bayers shareholders are protected from further losses – Bayer employees lose their jobs. This is an unethical business. "

Lauterbach renewed his criticism of management. He considers it "daring, if not a mistake," that Bayer has taken over as a "first-class pharmaceutical company with Monsanto a company with such a bad reputation." In addition, the group had thus "brought the glyphosate problem into the house".

Bayer Downsizing-01


Graphic: Böhne, Source: Bayer Annual Report

Medic Lauterbach believes that there is something in the assessment of the World Health Organization. It has – unlike many other organizations – classified glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic". Food receives this suspicion from the Californian court verdict in the case of Dewayne Johnson, who has fatal lymph node cancer and sees his years of dealing with glyphosate as a cause.

Bayer has appealed against the conviction. CEO Baumann expects a process date for this only in one and a half to two years. Bayer is now facing 9300 complaints of glyphosate – a billion-dollar risk that can not be eliminated so quickly.

Bayer remains in the estimation of glyphosate

"Doubts about glyphosate will be with Bayer for years to come", Lauterbach believes. Most recently, he advised the board to quickly say goodbye to the controversial weed killer. Bayer sees this quite differently and refers to various studies, according to which the product "when used properly is safe".

Baumann argues that his company has a glyphosate problem. The drastic savings and sales program that has now been launched is "not because of Monsanto and not because of glyphosate". This statement was at the top of the list for the Bayer Board of Management.



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