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No Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus lacks the mainstay 4 will instantly flash in the spirit of fatigue and take three points

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Original title: No Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus lacks the mainstay, 4 will flash in an instant, tired and take three

Juventus, which has won two consecutive draws in the league, went to the Champions League in the early morning of the 21st Beijing time. In Ukraine, which is already a bit cold, Juventus played against home team Dynamo Kyiv. Ronaldo missed the game because of the new crown pneumonia, and the Zebras lacked Ronaldo’s backbone, lack of attacking power, and little advantage in the whole game. Players such as Ramsey, Quadrado, Chiesa and Morata had few shining highlights, and Juventus finally defeated Kiev 2-0 by virtue of their players’ inspiration.

Since the start of the new season, Cristiano Ronaldo has continued the highlight state of last season, scoring goals in the first two rounds of Serie A, scoring three goals and assisting once in two games, creating four goals. Averaged two goals per game. At the same time, Juventus scored only 5 goals, so this also means that Cristiano Ronaldo made 80% of the goals of the Juventus team, which shows the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo.

After the national team match day, Cristiano Ronaldo missed the match with Crotone because of the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia. Juventus, who lost Cristiano Ronaldo, faced the deputy squad leader Crotone and had no choice but to rely on Morata’s advancement. The ball was tied with the opponent, and the deputy squad leader shot 10 feet wildly throughout the game.

In the opening game of the Champions League, Juventus came to the cold Ukraine to face Dynamo Kyiv. This was also the first match of Pirlo’s coaching career. Although Kiev is weak, it has a home court advantage, and Juventus, lacking Ronaldo, obviously lacks the mainstay, and the whole game does not have much advantage in the offense. From the data of the whole game, Juventus has a 52.5% possession rate, which is a slight advantage, but the number of shots is behind the opponent’s 11 times, the number of headers is 8 times behind the opponent’s 9 times, and the number of tackles is 11 times. Hand held flat.

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In view of the team’s overall offensive blockage and greater defensive pressure, Pirlo’s initial 343 lineup has gradually become 4411. Tactically speaking, Juventus has no bright spots and no advantages. But after all, the average strength of Juventus players is good, and these stars in the Juventus team also use their flash of inspiration to launch a threatening offensive.

Little Chiesa served as the team’s left wing in this game. Although this is a position that Chiesa is not familiar with, he is very active on this side and frequently uses speed and technical advantages to create threats. In the 12th and 15th minutes of the game, Chiesa Jr. made two consecutive shots from the left side of the penalty area. A burst shot with his left foot was held out by the goalkeeper, and a pocket shot with his right foot missed the right post. Two attacks were quite good. Has the characteristics of Sun Xingyun.

Ramsey and Kulusevsky also had a flash of life. In the 34th minute, Ramsey made a cross near the bottom line in the penalty area. Kulusevsky hit a beautiful heel shot in front of the goal. Imagination Full. In the 46th minute of the game, Ramsey’s heel knocked back to Kulusevski near the penalty zone line. The latter’s shot caused the goalkeeper to drop and finally helped Morata make up the empty goal.

Morata opened the scoring for Juventus. This was also Morata’s first shot in this game. In the second half, the striker showed his inspiration again and received an accurate 45-degree cross from Quadrado. The ball scored to help Juventus finally win the opponent 2-0. Morata shot twice, shot twice on target, and scored two goals. It seems that the offensive efficiency is high. However, as the team’s center forward, he only got two shot opportunities. Embarrassment. Juve’s win was based on the flash of the stars in the team. Pirlo’s tactics did not work. This is what Sleeppi should think about.

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