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No dirty deeds anymore from Morris Dees – American Greatness

TThe Southern Poverty Law Center has just fired one of its founders.

We know practically nothing about why the SPLC fired Morris Dees, and there's no point in speculating about his alleged transgressions.

But we all know something about hatred.

Most Conservatives have been a hate object in recent years. Many were slandered. vilely

Wealthy organizations sift through everything conservative commentators say to find that few Quotes can be taken out of context to blur. They have used financial institutions and web hosting companies to close bank accounts and close websites. They have vilified anyone who dared to question their unqualified authority.

That's hate. It is a pure hatred for anyone who may contradict the political beliefs he considers orthodox or correct, and an urgent desire to destroy such an unorthodox person, regardless of means or cost.

And the Southern Poverty Law Center got it rich from this hatred.

The SPLC is now endowed with $ 432.7 million and can compete with many prestigious colleges in America. Think about it. Almost half a billion dollars.

And this leads us to the dirty little secret that everyone but gullible liberals must understand. If there is no hatred, there is no Southern Poverty Law Center. Your well-being and survival depends on continued hatred in this country. If the hatred disappeared tomorrow, her jobs would disappear as well.

The SPLC is an already bloated facility that is desperate need There is hate and bigotry to survive and to grow.

But the truth is that there is very little hatred in the United States – at least the way the SPLC specializes in combating it. Has anyone heard obvious racism, sexism, or a homophobic language in a mainstream television program aimed at people other than white men? Probably not. And if they did, it would have been immediately denounced and vilified.

Therefore, the SPLC has very little food to feed its insatiable fortune. Given its interests and ambitions, it will misunderstand a number of things as hate. There is no shortage of new ways of configuring reality and seeing it as bigotry and cataloging it. Nonetheless, this sounds like a miserable way to go through life: constantly looking for hate and bigotry in everything.

But even SPLC estimates that there are only a few thousand Klu Klux Klan members in the country. That's less than .002 percent of Americans. But when it comes to fundraising, the SPLC will no doubt claim that 0.002 percent is a dangerous threat to our country.

The increasingly indiscriminate definitions of hatred at the Southern Poverty Law Center have captured good people from Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Ben Carson. They have provoked acts of violence, including an incident in which a shooter, motivated by the hate card of the SPLC, entered the building of the Family Research Council and opened the fire.

It would not be surprising if Dees because of he some new criteria that the SPLC drew from the air. In an age in which the left increasingly picks up its own cannibals, these occurrences become more common.

The Southern Poverty Law Center may have been set up to address a legitimate problem. Most nonprofit organizations were. However, it is obvious that they have become a money-hungry, politically motivated smear group. The fact that many organizations consider them experts, and which groups should be considered hate groups, is not terrifying.

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