No flights at Frankfurt Airport

Verdi calls for a walkout at the security checkpoints. That means the warning strike for the passengers.

A passenger plane takes off from Frankfurt Airport.
(symbol photo: dpa)

FRANKFURT – Warning strike at the security checkpoints – flight passengers will not be able to depart from Frankfurt this Tuesday. The Verdi services union is calling on private security service providers at eight airports to go on a day-long walkout. “It is therefore not possible to board flights from Frankfurt,” reports the airport operator Fraport in Frankfurt. All travelers are asked not to come to the airport. Because all security checks outside the transit area will be closed. According to Fraport, passengers who only want to change planes in Frankfurt are largely spared the strike.

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However, there could also be disruptions and delays here. Around 750 flight movements and around 80,000 passengers are expected in Frankfurt on Tuesday. There are also strikes in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn. Collective bargaining will continue in Raunheim on Thursday, March 24th.

There was already a strike last week

Last week, Verdi had called for warning strikes in Frankfurt and other airports in order to enforce their tariff demands. The union is negotiating with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies for around 25,000 employees nationwide in passenger, personnel and goods control and in the service area. Negotiations have progressed on the harmonization of regional wages and harmonization between East and West. But for the lower wage groups with an hourly wage of less than 13 euros, the offer of an additional 38 cents per hour remains well below the demand for a surcharge of one euro. “Overall, the offer is insufficient because it does not take into account the price development and provides for zero months.”

“It’s already the second strike within just a few days that is massively affecting flight operations,” said a Fraport spokesman, criticizing the renewed warning strike. Seriously disrupting air traffic throughout Germany within a very short time is completely disproportionate. “We appeal to the collective bargaining partners to work out an amicable solution.” The airport association ADV is also demanding a solution at the negotiating table. The airline passengers are the ones who suffer.

This article was originally published on March 21, 2022 at 11:55 am.