No fourth Emmy for Tim Van Aelst: copy of ‘The Masked Singer’ goes with coveted statue | TV

It is unclear why a copy of the South Korean program ‘King of Masked Singer’, which premiered in April 2015, will win. But it certainly isn’t an Emmy Awards premiere. Tim Van Aelst himself saw his first season of ‘Wat Als?’ missed out on the awards in 2012, but still won an Emmy two years later with a next season of the series.

Van Aelst and Peeters turned out to be worthy losers, as they had announced. “We have indeed said that this is not so much about winning a statue, but about being among the best internationally. The juries from so many countries have liked the English version of ‘The Masked Singer’ better than our ‘Da’s Liefde’. I thought and believed that this was mainly about creativity. That is now a bit sour to process, but it is no different,” Tim responded immediately after the show.

“Look, I said I would officially say ‘The Masked Singer’ is a deserved winner. That’s what happened here. And can I now curse a lot and be unhappy for an hour and a half? Which will not prevent us from entering here later the city that never sleeps to put the flowers outside double and thick. Five nominations and three wins at the largest TV gala in the world is and will not be nothing,” said Van Aelst.