No Indian variant, but eleven patients in intensive care for covid-19 at Martigues hospital – Martigues – Health

These are the latest figures provided by the new director of the Rayettes hospital center, Loïc Mondoloni. Today, 60 patients are hospitalized for covid-19 and 11 are placed in intensive care, on the 12 beds available to the Martigues hospital. By comparison, a month ago, it was half as much (6 patients in sheaves and 30 hospitalized). The director explains: “Patients who test positive for covid-19 are systematically analyzed to find out which variant it is and at present, we only have the English variant. The virus continues to circulate in an extremely active way in our department. I call for everyone to be really attentive to barrier gestures, to hygiene measures because we still have a lot of people hospitalized.“, concludes Loïc Mondoloni. & nbsp