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Hardly any internet connections for residents |

Radio silence in Hesse’s nursing homes

Frankfurt – Radio silence in Hesse’s old people’s and nursing homes!

Internet is as much a part of living as electricity and water. However, in many institutions there is a shortage of connections in your own room.

The care protection association BIVA in Bonn sounds the alarm: “There is no excuse for the situation in 2022 to look like this,” said a spokesman. The fact that seniors get their own end devices such as tablets in the houses is the “outrageous exception”.

The agency for customer and personnel marketing in the care industry published the devastating balance of internet availability in German care homes:

► Almost a third of the 8722 homes checked by the medical service of the health insurance provided information on the subject. Of these 2,683 facilities, 44 percent said they had no internet access for residents.

► The Diakonie offers computer workstations for residents in its 140 Hessian nursing homes. Having your own Internet access in the room “is a big exception,” explains a spokeswoman. Installing WLAN in all rooms is “technically complex and expensive,” especially in old buildings.

Ursula Heerwig (87) from Frankfurt is one of the lucky residents of a retirement home with Internet access

Ursula Heerwig (87) from Frankfurt is one of the lucky residents of a retirement home with Internet access

Photo: Arne Dedert/dpa

► Caritas in Hesse told the dpa that the WLAN expansion was on the to-do list: “It will still be a big effort,” said a spokeswoman. Each of the more than 60 facilities has WiFi – but mostly only in common rooms.

For so many residents, having their own network access would be the connection to family and friends and thus a way out of the loneliness of old age.

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► The German Red Cross in Hesse says: “Anyone who wants to can use the Internet with us,” said a spokesman. But there is no standard in the 72 facilities. Internet is partly available in the rooms, partly at a point in the house, such as a café.

► The residents of the 21 houses that the AWO operates in southern Hesse all have access to the Internet – either in their own room or at a central location. The AWO Nordhessen offers residents in 21 of 30 houses access to the Internet. Two of them have connection sockets in the rooms, and in 19 of the facilities the connection is via WLAN. (Source: dpa) (and)