No make-up: Jenna Ortega appears natural

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In just a few weeks, Jenna Ortega has become the new star of the international scene. Already spotted in the You series, the 20-year-old actress made a splash in Tim Burton’s Netflix series, Wednesday. And, soon, she will be starring in the horror film Scream 6. In short, she has not finished being a hit on the small screen.

Jenna Ortega, a follower of the natural

On the set of the series devoted to Wednesday Adams like on the red carpet, Jenna Ortega obviously looks heavily made up. The young woman is a fan of nude makeup that highlight her complexion, but also grunge makeup who draws his eyes. But on a daily basis, she prefers naturalness, as she has proven many times on her Instagram account.

It must be said that the one who is considered the new it-girl knows how multiplying cosmetics is not always good for the skin. She had also confided her grandmother’s secret to always have a flawless complexion: theAztec Secret medical clay. For the occasion, she had drawn on her roots in South America, where this product has been used for hundreds of years, which clarifies the complexion and makes imperfections disappear.

The sublime freckles of Jenna Ortega

If she cares so much about taking care of her complexion, it’s because Jenna Ortega really appreciates the freckles that adorn her face. And unfortunately, these are quickly camouflaged behind foundation or concealer. Hence the importance of taking care of her skin, to be able to appear without makeup, as she recently did on Instagram.

On her personal page, the young Wednesday star posted an astonishing carousel made up of monstrous statuettes, which precede a natural selfie, on which she appears without makeup. All with an angelic air reinforced by her little white babydoll dress. The photo was a great success with Internet users, who salute the beauty of the young woman, while pointing to her youthful look on the picture. After all, if she can play a teenager in Wednesday, it’s because Jenna Ortega looks younger for her age. No doubt thanks to his skincare routine very effective !

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