No Matter Beaten by 19 Countries, China Strengthens Themselves with Mass Production of the New Version of J-20 Fighter Jets, More Advanced and Deadly than Ever – All Pages

Gridhot.ID – China is currently being attacked by 19 countries that are opposed to its actions.

Its action after the corona outbreak made the country in the spotlight.

Seeing this moment, China immediately improved itself and was ready to increase defense.

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It is known that the latest version of China’s first stealth fighter, the J-20, will soon enter the production kitchen.

This latest series will certainly get a number of performance improvements, especially in the engine thrusters.

Launching the South China Morning Post, this mass production will officially begin on Wednesday (7/15). The inauguration ceremony will be attended by many senior Chinese military leaders, including Deputy Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), Zhang Youxia.

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“Mass production of the J-20B (new series name) began on Wednesday. This eventually became a complete stealth aircraft. With agility that met the standards. The most significant change in fighter jets is now equipped with thrust vector control,” said CMC representatives such as quoted from the South China Morning Post.

The new component installed is called the Thrust Vector Control (TVC), allowing the pilot to better control the plane by directing the thrust engine.

In 2018, China made its debut with the J-10C multirole fighter Taihang WS-10 engine. This aircraft became the starting point for China’s success in developing propulsion engine technology in fighter aircraft.

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The J-20B series will still continue to use the Russian AL-31 Saturn engine because the WS-15 engine made in China still needs some adjustments.

The WS-15 engine will initially be used on J-20 aircraft, unfortunately the work process failed to finish on time. Even the latest J-20 series will begin production this week.

Even so the WS-15 engine is still working as much as possible. The ultimate goal of the Chinese military is to be able to use its own production aircraft engines into J-20 aircraft.

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Until the end of 2019, China is estimated to have succeeded in producing 50 units of J-20. Unfortunately the problem of machine production has hampered the continued production process.

The first batch of J-20 aircraft began airing in 2017, in the same period as the US decision to spread more than 100 F-35s to Japan and South Korea.

Since the beginning the J-20 was prepared to be a fifth generation fighter jet equivalent to the Lockheed F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning.

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In general, the fifth generation fighter is determined by the availability of stealth technology, supersonic cruising speed. maneuverability, and highly integrated avionics system.

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