No matter how much you lose, you have to do it!East Austrian mysterious curse bet on Japan’s health and economy

The “Eternal Inheritance” performance at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, a carpenter pulls out five wooden rings. The wood comes from the trees planted by the delegations of the Tokyo Olympics for the first time in 1964, showing the image passed down from 1964 to 2021. (Photo/Photo by Ji Zhixiang, China Times)

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After 57 years, the torch of the Summer Olympics was ignited again in Tokyo. However, not only the National Arena has been renovated and rebuilt. Compared with the scenery in 1964 that the Yamato nation had come out of the ruins of World War II, the second Tokyo Olympics was due to the new crown pneumonia. Swept the world and became the most bumpy and tragic Olympic Games ever. Was the torch ignited last night a light of hope? It remains to be verified in the next 16 days.

The Prophecy of the God of Ecuadorian Movement in Japan

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics seems to be cursed, especially the city of Tokyo has been suffering from time to time. Although the 3rd bid is successful twice, it is a pity that it is in trouble. In 1928, the bid was cancelled due to the Great Kanto Earthquake; in 1940, the bid was successful, but it was cancelled because of its own invasion of China and the outbreak of World War II; although it was successfully held in 1964, it encountered a student movement riot and cast a shadow; 2020 East Olympics again Due to the epidemic of the century, he was forced to postpone it for one year.

In addition, the classic Japanese animated science fiction film “Akira” 32 years ago predicted that the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. However, due to the Third World War, the Tokyo Olympics was aborted 147 days before the opening. Now, despite all the difficulties, it is still not there. Escape from the tragic fate.

Disastrous big coffees step down

Four days before the opening of Too, the musician Keigo Koyamada, one of the heads of music production, was forced to resign because of past bullying incidents. The performance director Kentaro Kobayashi was removed one day before the opening. In addition, the former main venue and the official emblem design have been overthrown and the former committee chairman Yoshiro Mori resigned in February this year for despising women’s remarks. Hiroshi Sasaki, who served as the planning and performance director of the opening and closing ceremonies, was revealed to have made insults. The figure of the female artist Naomi Watanabe, who resigned in March, seemed to have an Eastern magic spell.

Japanese experts emphasized in March that even if the East Olympics is successfully held, the loss will still exceed 580 million U.S. dollars, but the loss of suspension will exceed 16 billion! Japan, which has been washing its head, continued to increase its budget to US$15.8 billion. In the end, due to the severe epidemic, Tokyo entered its fourth emergency declaration. The East Olympics Preparatory Committee, the International Olympics and the Japanese government announced that they would not open the audience to the venue. The expectation of relying on sponsors and ticket revenue to reduce losses has also failed.

I have to deal with a huge loss even after my hair is washed

The epidemic in Tokyo is still serious. Before the opening, more than 70% of the Japanese people did not support the holding of the East Olympics. This also made Toyota and other sponsors afraid to advertise during the event for fear of offending the public. Japan has gambled on the health and economy of the whole country for the East Olympics. It is destined to lose money. At least it hopes to successfully complete the game. The key is to avoid the infection of participating athletes. This is the beginning of the final test by lighting the torch last night.