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▲ Internet celebrity Bump went to the magic cave to save people, and the thrilling process was exposed, which attracted great attention from all over Taiwan. (Combination picture / flip from Bump IG)

Cambodian fraud has recently become the key to hot searches and has been highly valued by all Taiwan. The cause is the YouTuber “Bump Bump” who rushed to Cambodia to rescue many imprisoned Taiwanese in mid-July, and is recognized as the whistleblower in the incident. , and after revealing the truth, those who are still willing to believe in high-paying scams, “Bump Bump” pointed out that he “will not be saved in the future” and revealed that he has “nothing to say”.

Looking back on the entire Cambodian incident, on July 22, “Bumping Bump” uploaded a video titled “Flying to Cambodia to save people! But betrayed by the local police… Fleeing back to Taiwan with the victim”, he shared that he took the victim’s family with him. They took off from Cambodia and worked hand in hand with rescue organizations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant units to save many young victims at risk of their lives.

The entire rescue process was truly recorded. After the video was exposed, it quickly became popular on the Internet. Netizens left comments and praised, “He has paid a lot for anti-fraud, and he should really push it”, “It is worthy of respect, because of the effect of the video, a lot has been saved. “People”, “A very low-key good guy who works hard in anti-fraud”, “If it weren’t for him being the leader to kick the explosion, no one would pay attention to it”, “Strongly promote the concept of anti-fraud, YTB is clear!”

In fact, before the video was uploaded, “Good Bump” had already contributed a lot to anti-fraud, including Internet fraud, high-paying enticement fraud, and so on. For example, “Bump Bump” released a video earlier this year. At that time, he received help from netizens, pointing out that he was looking for a job through the Internet, but was sold to Dubai by an agency, forced to become an accomplice of a fraud group, and his passport was also detained. Documents, although the film was released in January, it actually took place in October 2021. It is not difficult to infer that tricks similar to high-paying profits to lure people to work abroad have existed for some time.

Great Bump said that there will be no saving in the future.  (combination picture / flip from youtube channel / awesome Bump)

▲ Good Bump said that he will not be saved in the future. (Combination picture / Retrieved from youtube channel / Awesome Bump)

Due to the continuous active promotion of “Good Bump”, they even risked their lives to go to the local rescue and present the most realistic pictures to the audience. In addition, the Taiwanese police, government and media are also constantly promoting, if there are still people in the future. Believing and insisting on going to the “Gold Rush”, “Bump Bump” indicated that he would no longer rescue himself, “I will contact the relevant rescue channels, and we will not rescue them in the future”, saying that there is “nothing to say”.