No money for staff (council) › Dr. Bianca Lüssenhop

Plön district: harassment also with the position plan. The additional need for staff, which was very well presented in a meeting proposal and in the main committee, was picked apart with arbitrary arguments.

Construction measures are announced vigorously – but the necessary personnel from the CDU, Klar.Grün, FDP, UWG are refused. A position to be set up at the staff council reduced from 0.5 to 0.25 – staff council work thus prevented. Three positions in the immigration office are not approved in order to improve the current situation in the Ukraine crisis.

This is how the personnel policy of the new Kalinka Chaos coalition works! Administrative bashing, but not providing necessary staff. So the district of Plön is not an attractive employer!

The SPD is committed to all 12 additional positions in the position plan.