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"No more bullets that blind dreams": Colombia mourns the tragic death of singer Fabio Legarda

The death of reggaetón singer Fabio Legarda, of 29 years, has awakened a wave of pain and indignation in social networks due to the circumstances in which the event occurred.

The artist died around 5:00 in the afternoon, after having been caught in the middle of an exchange of shots in Medellín: a stray bullet generated the deadly wound.

After confirming the news, singers like the Colombian Maluma or Carlos Vives expressed their condolences and lamented the situation of violence in Colombia. "No more bullets that blind dreams, that youth reach old with a happy heart … Country, do not kill if you want to be a country one day." Rest in peace #Legarda"wrote Vives.

Colombian composer and singer Juan Fernando Fonseca joined the messages of regret and criticized that in his country "the bullets are still lost and lives are found along the way".

The condolences were also addressed to the singer Luisa Fernanda, a couple of Legarda, who dedicated a message on his Instagram account to the artist's memory: "You are the most beautiful man in this world, the love of my life, my angel. God knows his will, "says part of the note.

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A man with a UNIQUE NOBILITY, a charming charisma, YOU DISCOVERED TALENT MY LOVE !! Everything I learned from you !! How WISDOM so great! You are the most beautiful man in this world, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, MY ANGEL! Only God knows his will AND WE ALWAYS WALK WITH GOD !! We were living our dream, a pure, real love !! always full of love and respect for each other. The only thing that comforts me at this moment is that I know you were HAPPY !! Living your dream you were TOO HAPPY !! Full living a real love! A DREAM, the most focused man, never spoke ill of anyone always focused on his process as a human being, always smiling I will always leave your name in HIGH YOU BELIEVE IN ME SINCE THE FIRST MOMENT THAT WE WERE SEEN AND I IN YOU, THAT LOVE SO GREAT WE CULTIVATE! I will fulfill our dreams !!! YOU ARE THE BEST MAN I KNOWN !! I LOVED TO SEE HAPPY AND WITH THAT I REMEMBER I WILL BE ALWAYS I LOVE YOU ETERNALLY! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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The mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez, soon expressed his dismay at the death of the singer and sent a "hug of solidarity" to his family and friends. "In the midst of sadness I still believe that the day will come when we will not have to cry more absurd deaths," said the local authority in a trill.

In 2018, according to figures cited by local media, there was more than 600 homicides in Medellín, which exceeded the statistics of violent deaths of the previous year in that city. The death of the artist has returned the debate, at least in social networks, on the security scheme in the capital of Antioquia and the critics to the policy of flexibilization of the bearing of weapons that the uribismo has proposed.


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