No more iPhones? Here’s what Apple will bring to the world in a couple of days

Apple recently announced the official date for its fall presentation – the online event will take place on September 15th. For many years in a row, around this time, Apple has introduced a new generation of iPhone smartphones. But it seems that this time the tradition will be interrupted: the announcement of the devices has been shifted to October, then the sales will begin. The MacRumors edition tells which gadgets will still be demonstrated in a few days.

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Recall that on September 15, it is not worth waiting for the announcement of the new iPhone 12 – read more about them here – it is not worth it, the insider John Prosser first said. The informant’s reputation is controversial: some of his “predictions” come true, others do not. But a little later, the information was confirmed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg – a much more authoritative analyst. According to Gurman, on September 15, the company will focus only on the announcement of the next Apple Watches, as well as iPad tablets.

Why Apple decided to break its own tradition and postpone the display of smartphones at a later date is not reported. But let’s assume on our own: if you present the iPhone 12 now, and sell it only after a month and a half or two, you can lose the attention of potential buyers to gadgets. If we show the devices in October and launch them on the market in a week, the audience’s interest will not have time to dissipate, and, accordingly, the first wave of sales will be more successful.

Below is all the available information about the devices that will almost certainly be shown on September 15th.

Apple Watch Series 6

As with the iPhone, Apple typically updates its smartwatch every year. In the prospective Watch Series 6, no noticeable design changes are expected in comparison with the “fives”: both versions will be outwardly indistinguishable.

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors

The changes will affect the “insides” of the smart watch. The Watch Series 6 will almost certainly update the processor, which, due to more efficient power consumption, will allow the watch to work longer on a single charge. MacRumors is also talking about better water and dust resistance, as well as improved wireless modules.

The battery capacity in the new product (although it is not clear which version we are talking about – regular or increased in size) will be 308.8 mAh. Series 6 will also learn to measure blood oxygen levels. Most likely, this function will be tied to other chips, such as automatically calling an “ambulance” or notifying a doctor in case of critical user indicators.

And the new smart watch will supposedly be able to detect panic attacks and an increased level of stress of the wearer through measurements at the same time by several sensors – in particular, modules for measuring heart rate, oxygen level and respiratory rate.

In addition, Apple may introduce simplified and probably more affordable smartwatch versions (presumably the Watch SE), which will replace the still-on sale Watch Series 3. According to Gourmet, this watch will be a redesigned Watch Series 4 in sizes 40 and 44 mm.

iPad Air

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors

Apple’s next announcement will be the iPad Air (4th generation). It can almost certainly be argued that the device will outwardly resemble the current iPad Pro. This means that the frames at the edges of the display of the gadget will be quite thin, and the physical Home key will be abandoned. The screen itself will increase to 10.8 inches.

According to unconfirmed information, the tablet will not receive Face ID face recognition systems. It will supposedly be replaced by a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will be built into the panel itself. However, other sources refute this theory and argue the opposite, betting on the appearance of Face ID in the device. In general, there is no clarity – it remains to wait for the official information at the presentation.

What else is known: iPad Air (2020) will be equipped with a USB-C port, not Lightning, it is possible that a Smart Connector will appear for connecting the same Magic Keyboard. Some sources claim that the tablet will be equipped with the yet unannounced Apple A14 processor – such a chip is planned to be installed in the iPhone 12. But again, this point has not yet been confirmed by any authoritative sources.

What else can be shown at the presentation (but this is inaccurate)

The Apple Watch and iPad described above will show with a probability of almost 100%. Yet Bloomberg is not often wrong. Other gadgets – AirTag geotags, full-size headphones, smart speaker, wireless charging and computers based on Apple Silicon processors – are still in question.

But the company will almost certainly save some devices, for example, laptops on Apple Silicon processors, for better times. The same laptops are rumored to be announced towards the end of the year. In particular, sources talk about the emergence of a 12-inch MacBook on the yet unannounced Apple A14X processor, which can work for a long time on a single charge.

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors

AirTags are probably in full swing already. As the name implies, they will allow you to find lost things – even on other continents. Relatively speaking, such a beacon can be put in a bag, wallet or suitcase and track its movement on the smartphone screen.

The oversized earbuds are likely to be called the AirPods Studio. Their main feature will be the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system. And also on the headphones, they allegedly will not leave physical control buttons at all. MacRumors writes that the AirPods Studio will not even have left and right headphones – the system will be able to detect how the headset is worn by the user, and depending on this, automatically change the left and right audio channels.

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors

All that is known about the new HomePod speaker is that it will decrease in size. The device is likely to be sold at a more affordable price as well. There is also a lot of talk about the AirPower wireless charging mat, which was announced a few years ago. But after that, Apple faced production difficulties and the release of the device was postponed indefinitely. This year, the problems were allegedly solved – the device can finally go on sale.

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