No More Keeping Distance on KRL, Are You Sure It’s Safe? The Expert Says This


University of Indonesia (FKM UI) epidemiologist Pandu Riono has warned of the risk of COVID-19 transmission amidst the loosening of commuterline rules which have now lifted social distancing restrictions. In addition, children aged five years and over are allowed to ride the KRL again.

“So the problem is with toddlers who have not been vaccinated, that’s one. Both toddlers, even though they are 3 years old, have to wear masks because they have to keep their distance,” Pandu explained when contacted. Wednesday (8/3/2022).

Pandu is worried that the risk of COVID-19 in children is high because they do not have immunity against the virus from vaccinations, to prevent hospitalization of COVID-19 cases and even death. Pandu suggested that the departure of toddlers using KRL should not be during peak hours.

Could it again trigger a spike in cases?

According to Pandu, there is very little risk of a spike in cases due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions because most residents, especially the adult population, already have protective immune systems from vaccinations and natural infections.

“The risk is low (cases spike again) but because it’s in a closed room, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. How do you guarantee the discipline of their health protocol?” said Pandu.

“Often this is violated, then I suggest for children, don’t talk on the KRL, all wear masks and don’t need to talk,” he ordered.

As previously reported, starting today, Wednesday (8/3), there will be no longer any social distancing barriers on the Jabodetabek KRL to Yogyakarta-Solo KRL, following the rules for being free of antigen and PCR for those who have been fully vaccinated up to boosters.

Some passengers claimed to be relieved, but on the other hand they were still worried because they assessed that the risk of COVID-19 transmission was still quite high.

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