No one wants the tasteless frequency band!Government 2021 mobile communication spectrum auction results, the four major network operators are the losers-ePrice.HK Mobile Edition

The Hong Kong government announced the results of the latest round of mobile communications spectrum auctions, which were 600MHz, 700MHz, 850MHz, 2600MHz and 4.9GHz. Some of them are the 4G frequency bands currently used by the four major network operators. After this re-auction, some of them will be shuffled in 2024. Simply put, it will affect the services provided by some of the current network operators. In addition, most of the auctioned spectrum is newly added supply, which helps mobile network operators to strengthen their coverage. However, the most annoying thing is that there is a frequency band in which the four major network operators are Say No! Why don’t you laugh? Let me explain to you one by one, and it has something to do with you.

4.9GHz: 5G community sharing SmarTone and China Mobile users will benefit the most

You may remember that Hong Kong has the so-called “5G barrier”, but because network operators finally used the 4G frequency band as the spectrum refarm reshaping method for 5G, you ended up in the “5G” barriers such as Tai Po, Sheung Shui, Science Park, and Ma On Shan. , Your 5G mobile phone also has a 5G logo display, but the speed is fast and slow, which is another story. Previously, only csl and China Mobile Hong Kong could truly provide real fast 5G Internet services through the 4.9GHz frequency band (or n79) in the enclave. This time, the government approved a total of 80MHz bandwidth and divided it into two auctions. SmarTone, which was originally unavailable, was shared equally with 3 Hong Kong. Unexpectedly, China Mobile Hong Kong joined the battle group and used the most expensive 40MHz to be 200 million. Buy it at a sky-high price of more than Hong Kong dollars. SmarTone also used this sky-high price of more than 200 million yuan to bid for the previously unavailable 4.9GHz frequency band (n79) 40MHz frequency band.

In the so-called 5G barrier, China Mobile now has an 80MHz 4.9GHz frequency band. Everyone knows that China Mobile Hong Kong’s advertisements have always promoted that their 5G network is the fastest in Hong Kong. To be fast, the most basic thing is to have enough spectrum. Now in China Mobile Hong Kong’s “5G barrier”, it really has changed. As long as you use iPhone 12, 13 or Samsung mobile phones, you can only use CMHK in the “5G barrier”. Provide the fastest 5G Internet speed. At the same time, SmarTone used SmarTone at a high speed for the “5G Enchantment” because it was 40MHz, which was OK. These two new spectrums will be available to network operators by the end of 2021! Blessed are the people of “5G Enchantment”.

Except for the “5G barrier” available at 4.9GHz, it can be used all over Hong Kong. Li Fanfeng, director and chief executive officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, said that his family has a continuous 80MHz 4.9GHz spectrum and has begun to provide services in Hong Kong’s “golden areas”. Everyone knows that the more spectrum network operators have, the more people can go online at the same time. With China Mobile Hong Kong, if you receive 5G, you should feel the higher-speed Internet experience.

2600MHz: 4G services are reshuffled, 3HK is your favorite

2600MHz (or B7) is the original frequency band of 4G services. 4G services do not have this frequency band. They cannot provide speed and can meet the needs of a large number of users to surf the Internet at the same time. This auction is the first 90MHz capacity to provide services. There are estimates for this segment of spectrum. In that year, in 2009, Genius Brand, a joint venture between 3 Hong Kong parent company Hutchison Telecommunications and Hong Kong Telecommunications, invested a total of 30MHz capacity. Starting from the first day of providing 4G services, the 30MHz capacity was the same The PCCW Mobile of the year was used together. Later, PCCW acquired csl, and the 30MHz capacity csl was also used together. Of course, everyone will remember that SmarTone did not participate in the bidding because it was too expensive. The 2G 1800Mhz frequency band was changed to 4G service. It was revealed that the iPhone 5s only supports SmaTone 4G.

Interestingly, this time, all 90MHz will be auctioned again. 3 Hong Kong has almost exposed the 30MHz spectrum shared with Hong Kong Telecom that year. Only 10MHz is left, and csl has a 50MHz capacity in one go. Although the number is large enough, Without the previous two-in-one effect, the available spectrum for csl and 3HK is less than before. China Mobile Hong Kong has invested in 30MHz in this part, as it has always done before. Scared, 3 Hong Kong is disturbing, 5G is terrible, and 4G may also expose things. However, this reshuffle will not take place until 2024. It will take a few years before it will affect the current 4G services.

850MHz SmarTone pushes low frequency 5G fastest?

850MHz (Band 5 or n5) This 17.5MHz frequency band is very special. After Hutchison CDMA was completed in the past, it was awarded by PCCW but was not used by Hong Kong people for CDMA2000 services. In this auction, SmarTone has bid for 17.5MHz. I believe it will no longer be used to provide CDMA services. On the contrary, I believe it will combine the 10MHz 850 frequency band that SmarTone has for 3G network services and convert it to 20MHz. I believe there is a great opportunity to switch to 5G services. Because it is a low frequency, it is good for the signal to enter the house and helps to strengthen the 5G indoor coverage.

The right to use the 850MHz spectrum will be handed over to SmarTone by PCCW at the end of this year at the earliest, which means that SmarTone will soon have a network upgrade. If you pay attention to Samsung’s latest two folded 5G frequency bands, plus the iPhone 12 and 13 series, both support In the 5G n5 frequency band, it is believed that SmarTone will be the fastest to launch 5G services with wide low-frequency coverage and in the house. The CDMA 2000 service is officially ending in Hong Kong.

700MHz is important, but it has to wait for China to arrange

In this auction of spectrum, the focus is on this new 700MHz (n28) frequency band. The frequency spectrum was derived from the closure of free TV analog signals at the beginning of this year. 700MHz is used in mainland China (China Mobile and China Radio and Television), and 700MHz (n28) has a wide range of transmission coverage and is more famous for “indoors”. The network commercial spectrum emits 5G signals, and the transmitting station can not be approached. It is easier for your house to receive 5G signals than other spectrums, and it can also provide 5G for country parks. However, with a total of n28 with a capacity of 70MHz, the four network operators cannot evenly divide it. The auction is used to invest, and there is a lot of money. How is the result? csl, China Mobile Hong Kong and 3 Hong Kong each have 20MHz capacity. SmarTone only has 10MHz, and the capacity is too small. Compared with the 5G service provided by SmarTone Plus Array by 2100Mhz (n1), the speed will be slower, and it will become tasteless frequently when the segment is good. However, I believe that SmarTone believes that its 850MHz capacity can achieve 700MHz effects, so the impact may not be serious. Li Fanfeng, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, revealed in a press conference that the 700MHz (n28) frequency band will be the first in 2022 due to the Hong Kong government’s need to coordinate with relevant institutions in mainland China (mainly Shenzhen has not completed the replacement of free TV signals). It can be officially assigned in the first quarter, and I believe that we will feel the 5G service provided by 700MHz at a later time. At that time, everyone will see if the mobile phone has 5G FDD n28 700 frequency band!

600MHz Nobody shouts for outdoor use

The government announced a low-key handling. In fact, the 600MHz (n71), which has a total capacity of 70MHz, has no network operators participating, and it has become rubbish and no one wants it. Originally, 600MHz is easier to enter the house than 700MHz. T-Mobile in the United States also uses a similar frequency band for 5G coverage across the United States. Can be used indoors. What’s the point? Because it collided with a certain service in mainland China. For outdoor use, no network operators have expressed interest, so the 70MHz spectrum will fall into the sea.

The biggest loser of the side

The title of this article is that the frontier network business is the biggest loser. I will have difficulty opening the name directly. I will say that China Mobile Hong Kong actively invests in the spectrum, focusing on high frequency, and has become the overlord of Hong Kong’s mobile phone network spectrum. The high-frequency capacity is large, which can create the 5G effect of high-speed Internet access, which is a good clip with other advertisements. But be aware that if you are like me and live in a remote area, you must rely on the entry signal. China Mobile Hong Kong may not have good results. csl is the No. 2 of the spectrum. It guarantees the capacity of 2600MHz. 4G can be used and 5G can be changed. However, there are too many customers and there are too many spectrums. SmarTone has its own way, and the spectrum is well suited to its development this time. 3 Hong Kong will become four of the stations with the least frequency spectrum. However, the monthly fee customers should be the least. As long as they are not greedy to attract too many customers, the quality of the future should not be too far from that of the family. In the picture below, there is the latest spectrum allocation table, as a reference for myself.

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