“No one will cancel the first bell in schools”

When will kindergartens be opened? How graduates will take this year USE? Do schools really switch to distance learning from September 1?

During the restrictive measures due to the coronavirus, parents of preschool children and schoolchildren have accumulated many questions. Radio listeners of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Perm“(96.6 FM) were able to ask them during a live broadcast to the guest of the radio studio – the Minister of Education of the Perm Territory Raisa Kassina.


– Raisa Alekseevna, many preschool children hoped that kindergartens would open on July 1. Why didn’t this happen, and what about those parents who have already come to work?

– Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation has not yet allowed us to open kindergartens in the previous mode, although we all hoped for it. Indeed, now an increasing number of residents of the region go to work. Therefore, it was decided to increase the number of duty groups in kindergartens so that the children of all working parents could go to kindergarten, regardless of where and by whom their mothers and fathers work. What is very important, such duty groups should now be open in every kindergarten. Then parents will not have to carry the kids across the city, exposing them and themselves to additional danger. Moreover, in each kindergarten we will open as many duty groups as required.

– And what about us, parents from large families?

– In the near future, we must decide that duty groups in kindergartens should be able to visit children from large families, even if their parents are not yet working.

– What certificates will have to be collected to visit the duty group?

– To visit duty groups, only two documents will be required. This is, firstly, a certificate from a doctor. Moreover, the duty pediatrician can be called to the house. The doctor must fix that the child does not have catarrhal phenomena, and he does not contact with sick people. Secondly, you will need a job certificate – in any form. After the kindergartens begin to work in normal mode, you only need help from the pediatrician. But at the same time, parents will continue to be regularly questioned about the health and contacts of their child. Filling out such a questionnaire does not require much time, the algorithm has already been worked out.

– Why not open kindergartens at least in those areas where a more favorable epidemiological situation.

– The borders of our municipal areas are not closed for entry and exit, so doing this would be wrong.

– How many children will be in duty groups?

– The number of duty groups has increased earlier. When they just started to open, 603 children visited them, now – almost 23 thousand. Therefore, some kindergartens are now working almost normally. Another thing is that such groups were not in every kindergarten, so as not to call additional staff to work. And now such groups will be close to children and parents. For now, we will recommend forming groups with the number of children no more than 12, moreover, by age.


– When the exam will begin, are schools ready for this?

– The first exams in the exam will start on July 3. Before that, there were three test days. Technically and technologically, we are fully prepared for the exam.

All graduates of grades 9 and 11 have already received certificates from us. Now, only those graduates who are going to enter universities will take the exam. This is approximately 10.5 thousand students. And about 2 thousand graduates will not pass the exam.

There will be two periods for passing the exam: the main one will last from July 3 to 24, the additional one will take place in early August. Universities “shifted to the right” their admissions dripping, so that everyone who passes the exam in any of these periods will have time to submit documents to them.

– More specifically, when and what subjects will graduates take?

– The Unified State Examination will take place on July 3 in geography, literature and computer science, July 6 and 7 in Russian, July 10 in specialized mathematics, July 13 in history and physics, July 16 in social science and chemistry, July 20 in biology and written part of the exam in foreign languages, July 22 and 23 will be the oral part of the exam in foreign languages.

July 24 is a reserve day for exams in all subjects except Russian and foreign languages, and July 25 is a reserve day for all academic subjects.

Those graduates who, due to illness or other valid reasons, will not be able to pass the exam in July, will be able to do this in August.

On August 3, the exam will be held in geography, literature, computer science, biology, history and the oral part of the exam in foreign languages, August 5 – the exam in Russian, August 7 – in social studies, chemistry, physics, specialized mathematics and the written part of the exam in foreign languages.

August 8 is a reserve day for exams in all subjects.

– Will something change in the rules for passing the exam?

– The rules for passing the exam have remained almost the same, changes for graduates are minimal. For example, it will not be necessary to retake the exam for those who have received deuces, because this was done to obtain certificates, and now they are already on hand. At the same time, approaches to sanitary treatment of premises have been completely changed. For each teacher and student, personal protective equipment has been prepared, which will be issued at the entrance, sanitizers will work for hand disinfection. We recommend that everyone: come with gloves, but during the exam they can be removed, because they can cause some discomfort.


– Some media reported information that caused a wave of alarming rumors. That allegedly from September 1, schools can switch to distance learning. That is how someone took the new draft resolution of the regional government “On conducting an experiment in 2020-2022 to introduce the target model of a digital educational environment.” Can schools really stop working in full-time?

– When I first read such comments by journalists, I decided that it was such a joke, although it seems to be not on April 1. But after half an hour, I realized that everything was very serious: a lot of questions about this arose in my social network account. But even if logically judged, this cannot be true. About such a thing that science fiction can write, as about the distant future.

“And where could such rumors come from?”

– We really were able to win two projects on digitalization of school education in the Perm region a year ago. Equipment worth 220 million rubles is now installed in 101 schools Prikamye. Servers, computers, tablets, projection equipment are purchased. This is done so that in schools it is possible to conduct lessons using Internet resources. Such equipment, indeed, can be used for distance education, but only in emergency situations. For example, when a child is sick and cannot attend school. Or during normal quarantine due to flu. So on September 1, ceremonies will be held in schools. And the children will begin to engage. Nobody is going to cancel the first call in schools.


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