No pass Trieste, the port Fabio Tuiach in the square even though he was ill. And now it’s positive for Covid

He had contracted the Covid and blamed the “hectoliters of water from the police hydrants that hit us last Monday during the evacuation of the port”. Today, however, while in bed, at home, with 38 of fever and the typical coronavirus symptoms, emerges, according to reports from the Corriere della Sera, that Fabio Tuiach, the former port boxing champion and former city councilor with League e Forza Nuova who participated in the protesta no green pass organized a Trieste, fell in the square despite being sick.

To the Port Labor Agency of which she is employed there is no communication from her due to illness from Covid, despite it being the result positive Thursday night to two quick swabs. Communication that the worker is required to give. But Tuiach is sick after having gone on strike and has even been reported since Tuesday 19 October, even before getting sick. And since that day he has still gone down to protest other times in the square. Definitely Wednesday 20 October, as evidenced by a video. “Officially I was on sick leave – he tries to justify himself – If I was in the square, I didn’t do it during the hours when I was obliged to stay at home for tax visits, so I was corrected”. And he adds: “On Monday evening I was beaten up and I returned home shaken after the eviction. I then asked my doctor to put me on sick leave, despite the fact that he initially replied that he couldn’t do it because everyone had seen me in the square and I ended up in newspapers and TV ”.

Having contracted Covid, together with his wife and one of his children, does not, however, move him from his own denial positions, according to which the virus is little more than a flu. “I am against the vaccine and the green pass – he specified – Also Mike Tyson speaks like me. And in fact I copied the writing on one of his t-shirts. ‘I believe in God, not the vaccine’“.

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