No post-corona testing: volleyball players refuse to play against China

Status: 06/23/2022 12:52 p.m

The German national volleyball team did not play against China in the Nations League.

By Hajo Seppelt, Joerg Mebus

The German men’s national volleyball team did not play against China on Thursday due to safety concerns in the Nations League tournament in the Philippines. The background is the fact that last Saturday (June 18) 21 members of the Chinese delegation tested positive for the corona virus. The organizers had not complied with the subsequent requests from the German Volleyball Association (DVV) to postpone the game or at least to retest the affected Chinese players and officials according to the DVV.

Sports director: “Wear the team’s decision”

“The FIVB does not consider it necessary to increase safety for us players through a single official control test. This makes us angry and stunned”, said captain Christian Fromm of the sports show. National coach Michal Winiarski said he could “do not force players to play against potentially infected opponents”. Sports director Christian Dünnes also backed the team: “For us, the focus is on the athletes and their health in particular, and in this respect we can understand the team’s decision and support it.”

The game would have been in Quezon on Thursday City are to take place. The world association initially only confirmed the cancellation in a short message with the reference that the German team had refused to play the game. The encounter was scored 3-0 for China, giving Germany three wins and three losses in the tournament. It is unclear what additional consequences the German selection can now expect.

Association: “Health has top priority”

“The World Federation rejected our repeated demands for our opponent to be tested again. The FIVB constantly refers to the local isolation regulations and assures that they are observed. In our view, however, these minimum regulations are by no means sufficient to guarantee the necessary safety in this case.”it said in a statement from the DVV: “Our suggestion to postpone the game to a later date has not been approved either. Physical health is the top priority for us as a team.”

According to the DVV, one had been in dialogue with the world association and the organizer in the last 36 hours. “We wanted to play against China, but with the caveat that one can assume healthy opponents. Neither the postponement of the game to Monday nor the testing of the Chinese delegation on the day of the game, which we had to go through like all teams, were followed up by the world association. The testing was rejected because otherwise there would be too many ‘false positive’ tests.”said sports director Dünnes, referring to the wording of the world association.

World association sees local corona regulations as decisive

The doctor responsible for the world association FIVB referred to the local corona regulations and explained in a statement available to the sports show that the Chinese players were eligible to play again from Thursday morning. Reason: All those who tested positive were boosted and symptom-free. The world association apparently ignored the corona rules of the world association, which are stricter than the local ones and on which the DVV had insisted. According to these rules, according to the DVV interpretation, China would not have been eligible to play on Thursday.

The German delegation is concerned that positive cases within the DVVTeams further participation in the Nations League, which is one of the biggest tournaments in the volleyball world, would be at risk. The next stop in the Nations League is Japan, where games against the USA, Brazil, Australia and Japan are scheduled to start on July 5th. “The health consequences of an infection are also not foreseeable for anyone”said team doctor Karsten Holland.