no shortage of math teachers at the start of the school year, promises Jean-Michel Blanquer

Teachers’ unions are concerned about this drop in National Education recruitment competitions, particularly in mathematics. According to the first results of the External Capes in Mathematics, published this week, only 816 candidates are eligible, for 1,035 positions.

The situation is all the more worrying as the return of mathematics in the common core from the First class must be done from the next school year, which will therefore require more teachers.

“We have a subject of vocation”

“With regard to mathematics teachers, we have the pool necessary to ensure the hour and a half that would take place from the next school year,” said Jean-Michel Blanquer, interviewed on BFMTV.

The drop in candidates for the competitions mainly affects mathematics or German this year, the minister said. “But traditionally, in France or in other countries, it is in maths and sciences that we have the most difficulty” to recruit.

As for the competition for school teachers, the shortage of candidates is especially felt in the Paris region, said Jean-Michel Blanquer.

“We see it for certain competitions, not only for National Education, we have a subject of vocation”, according to the minister. “It’s fundamental work that we are doing to (in) arouse” and “it starts first with the attractiveness of the profession”, he added, citing “the beginning of the salary increase that we have started especially for the youngest. “In two years, it’s 165 euros more per month than a beginner earns to go to a minimum salary of 2,000 euros,” continued Mr. Blanquer.