no “stadium tax” in case of relegation

The Girondins de Bordeaux sink a little deeper into the turmoil. After their home defeat to Montpellier, two goals to 0, relegation seems inevitable. The gap between supporters and players is widening, as evidenced by the altercation between Benoît Costil and the Ultramarines during the match.

But what are the consequences if the club switches to Ligue 2 and can no longer pay its rent at the Matmut stadium? The city of Bordeaux assures it: there will be no financial impact for the inhabitants of the Bordeaux Metropolis in the event of the club’s failure. Matthieu Hazouard, sports assistant, said this Monday, March 21 in the morning:

“Alain Anziani and Pierre Hurmic committed themselves by saying that there would be no ‘Girondins de Bordeaux’ tax, no ‘Stade Matmut’ tax. A descent or a maintenance does not change much” a- he said during a press briefing on the renovation of the skatepark.

“It’s possibly lower TV rights for a club moving from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2, even if for the first year there are a number of safeguards. And it’s possibly lower revenue for the stadium because that there would be fewer spectators in league 2”,

He also spoke of being “heartbreaking” in the face of this weekend’s match. The town hall will, according to him, “launch a call for mobilization with former players and other personalities around the club, like last season”.

However, Matthieu Hazouard does not say he is worried: “all the hypotheses are on the table”, which even includes a takeover if a buyer comes forward, or a greater place taken by the Girondins in the operation of the stadium.