No TV before tea: how Prince William and Kate Middleton raise their children

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For four months, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were confined with their three children, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. They laid down strict rules, but based on listening and understanding. Anxious to preserve the well-being of their eldest son, they would hesitate to send him to boarding school.

For almost four months, they saw them every day. Like many parents on the planet, Prince William and Kate Middleton confined themselves with their children to their residence at Anmer Hall during the coronavirus pandemic. When they have just resumed visits, meetings and other official “physical” events, a source revealed to the English newspaper Express some of the rules by which they educate their children. A slogan rather in the vein of positive education: no punishments, but explanations.

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A whim ? An argument ? A fit of tears? Rather than putting them on the corner, Prince William and Kate Middleton would have set up “couch conversations” with George (6 years), Charlotte (5 years) and Louis (2 years). A kind of “emotional coaching” based on the expression of their feelings. “Children are encouraged to talk about how they are feeling,” said the source.Express. They can express their concerns about certain subjects at school, a swimming lesson, a difficult dance step, a missed tennis competition, or hungry children whom they can see on television. . From there starts a conversation, and they find a solution. ” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would also be very careful to make their children aware of their privileges: “They want them to know that others are less fortunate than them. The priority: their mental and physical health, and that they fall asleep in a calm and happy house. ”

A “terrible trauma”

But, in light of these principles, the Cambridges now face a difficult decision: whether to send Prince George to a boarding school. The latter being of a “shy” nature, his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, will not “make a decision until the personality of their children has developed further,” revealed Ingrid Seward, an expert at the royalty, in the columns of Ok ! Magazine, Monday, June 29. “Having experienced a terrible trauma in his own childhood (the death of her mother, Princess Diana, note), Prince William is very attentive to the mental health of his children, “she said. The Cambridge’s decision will therefore depend on the personality of each of them. “Charlotte seems to have confidence in herself and would adapt to the boarding school environment,” continued the royalty expert. But George is a shy little boy. His father, Prince William was very exuberant at six. Maybe George is more like his grandfather Charles, who was very discreet. ”

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Hello on the screens

The Cambridges have made mental health one of their priorities, but not only. They want to live in a peaceful home, where television is not central. According to the source ofExpress, Cambridge children are not allowed to watch it before dinner: “Anyway, it is never on during the day. And the programs have to be approved by parents. ” George and Charlotte already support local productions: they would be fans of typical British cartoons like What, Where, When, Why, Numberblocks, Horrible Histories or Thomas the little locomotive. Without forgetting the classic Peppa Pig which, like many parents, Kate and William now know the credits by heart.

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However, Kate Middleton’s favorite thing is to see her children outside: “As they like games and quizzes, she often organizes treasure hunts in the garden,” revealed the source. Until they are old enough to participate in more complex quests, with well hidden finds. History to have a little time to breathe.

* This article originally published on June 30, 2020, has been updated.

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