Noah Syndergaard's second opinion confirms a strained band


ATLANTA – Noah Syndergaard's second opinion confirmed Tuesday the first: he has a strained band in his right index finger.

Syndergaard will rest until he is free of complaints, then start a throwing program, Mets Manager Mickey Callaway said Wednesday. Like Yoenis Cespedes (right hip flexor stretched), there's no real time for him to return.

An injury that the Mets had initially hoped would put Syndergaard only one start – then only two start his return pitch against the Yankees – goes three weeks. Syndergaard had his last appearance on May 25, and Callaway said he probably needs a rehab start before returning to the majors.

Right now Syndergaard is still hurting.

"It feels soft," Callaway said. "Once everything subsides, we can start a throwing progression."

Righthander Seth Lugo will remain in rotation for the foreseeable future, including Friday night against the Diamondbacks.

The second opinion offered Syndergaard a certain state of mind that there was nothing wrong.

"Whenever a guy gets a second opinion, that's probably the case," Callaway said. "It's not that they do not trust the doctor who gave them the first piece of information, just to confirm the hard news they get, because it's not fun to get such news let someone else do it for you. "

Additional bases

Callaway said his 12- and 9-year-old daughters started crying on Tuesday when he was first thrown out as a manager. "They did not understand why Daddy was screaming at someone," he said. , , , Consider it as a peculiarity of the schedule that Wednesday was the Mets' last game in Atlanta for 2018. They played consecutive road series at SunTrust Park, late May and this week.


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