A sixth woman has come forward to charge Costa Rica's Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Costa Rican president Oscar Arias with sexual assault, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Carina Black, managing director of the Northern Nevada International Center at the University of Nevada in Reno, told the AP that Arias had chained her in 1998 against a wall in a lift and tried to kiss her.

Black added that she had "hit him in the face and pushed him away."

The alleged attack came after Black spent a day with Arias at the university to hold meetings and a lecture, she told the AP.

The AP reported that at least six women have been charged with Arias for sexual misconduct.

Arias also met with prosecutors on Wednesday to file statements in connection with criminal charges against him for alleged sexual assault, the AP reported.

Arias told reporters Wednesday that his lawyer advised him not to speak to the press.



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