The countess and the castle of Bockfliess

Serious mourning in Friuli for the tragedy in Austria that saw the countess among the victims Margherita Cassis Pharaoh, 87 years old. The noblewoman, who was at Mistelbach, in Austria, in Bockfliess castle, owned by Count Ulrich von Goess, 92, with whom she had married secondarily, was killed: the Count himself and his son Ernst died too.

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A terrible drama, which hit the Goess family. The police arrested the count Anton von Goess in Mistelbach, 54, the eldest son of the 92-year-old and his first wife, the countess Maria von Abensberg und Traun. A hunting rifle would have been found on the spot.

The news spread rapidly in the Lower Friuli and in Terzo di Aquileia, where the countess resided, in her villa in the center. Of great culture, Margherita Cassis Faraone was for years the president of the national association for Aquileia.

According to the first investigations, the investigators would not exclude, among the various investigative tracks that they are following, an economic motive. The murder took place in Mistelbach, Austria, in the former residence of Bockfliess, owned by Ulrich von Goess. His wife, Margherita Cassis Faraone, was from Terzo di Aquileia (Udine), where she had a villa in the center where she often returned during the year.

According to the main Austrian news agency, the APA, the Mistelbach district prosecutor would have pointed out that the quarrels with the family were frequent. The triple murder took place yesterday and the arrested person, who has already been interrogated, would be locked up in Korneuburg prison this afternoon. The magistrate would have asked to subject the alleged murderer to clinical tests, including psychiatric tests, to check if he had used particular substances before committing the murder.

Next week autopsy examinations will be performed on the bodies of the three victims. The APA confirms that the murderer would have fired, probably five shots of the shotgun. The alarm was fired by a woman who allegedly became suspicious after she heard noises like "bangs" on Thursday. The Countess Margherita Cassis Faraone was well known both in the Lower Friuli area and throughout the Friuli Venezia Giulia region for her cultural commitment.

The news has aroused confusion in the Lower Friuli and in the small town of Terzo di Aquileia.

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