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The special idea came to Bence’s mind after a purchase in an online store. The video also shows how you can order quickly and easily online.

The popularity of card payments in Hungary is steadily increasing – it is clear from a recent representative research*.

In addition, you can pay with one click in many online stores – now we will show you why you should use this option.

Seven out of ten Hungarians have already used their card when shopping online, and more than half of the population has already saved their card data in an online store.

The secret of the popularity of the saved card payment is that we can order online even in cases where we do not have a bank card with us.

The case of Bence shows this well, from his story we can learn why it is worth saving your card data in our favorite online store.

Fast and convenient

Since the smartphone is the most important tool for online shopping these days, it is more important than ever that the payment process be simple on the web as well. The saved card payment is convenient and fast, since it is enough to save the data once in your online store, after which we can pay with a single click.


It is absolutely right that we take extra care when we have to enter our data in an online interface. The saved card payment method is safe, as the card data is not visible to the merchant, as they are almost always stored by the bank or the payment service provider.

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You can read more about the saved card payment here.

*Payment Experience Report: representative questionnaire research conducted with 1,000 participants.

This article is sponsored by Mastercard.