Nokia is back with a special phone and a fabulous price


The Finnish company dedicated to the launch of its Nokia 7.2 smartphone in its class announced at the IFA 2019 conference, it was released to be an extension of the previous phone Nokia 7.1 where it was provided with a strong external frame, and a larger screen with a longer battery life, but it is not waterproof .

According to techradar technical site, the Nokia 7.2 weighs about 180 grams, and is wrapped in front and back with Gorilla Glass, which is resistant to scratching and breakage. Available in black, cyan, and snow, these colors extend beyond the back glass of the phone to include the frame as well.

The Nokia 7.2 features 128GB of solid storage and 4GB of RAM, and includes two SIM cards and a microSD card.
The phone supports the fingerprint sensor, and is equipped with a triple camera with a powerful 48 megapixel camera.

The design of the phone is excellent for its price, as the price of about 349 dollars equivalent to 5600 in Egypt.


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