Nokia Smartphone Test Nokia 6 (2018)

Nokia Smartphone Test Nokia 6 (2018)

The Nokia 6 (2018), also called Nokia 6.1 is part of the beautiful batch of new smartphones presented by HMD at the MWC 2018. Proud mid-range, it seems to offer a nice user experience for a reasonable price. We tested it.

Nokia 6.1. A strange name for a smartphone that is reminiscent of an update of an operating system. But after all, it’s a little what this smartphone represents. A small update of the Nokia 6.
So, call it whatever you want, Nokia 6.1 or 6 (2018), just know that this is the first option that is written on the box, but that it is the second that is the most meaningful for a good part users.
Let’s see what this smartphone with multiple identities has in the stomach.
Technical sheet
Nokia 6 (2018)

Version of the OS
Android 8.0
Android Stock
Screen size
5.5 inches
1920×1080 pixels
Pixel density
403 dpi
Snapdragon 630 at 2.2GHz
Processor (CPU)
Graphics Chip (GPU)
Adreno 508
RAM memory
Internal memory (flash)
32 GB, 64 GB
Camera (backpack)
16 megapixels
Camera (front)
8 megapixels
5.0 + A2DP + LE
Supported bands
2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), 700 MHz (B28)
2x nano SIM
Ports (Inputs / Outputs)
USB Type-C
3000 mAh
148.8 x 75.8 x 8.2 mm
172 grams
Black, Silver

239 €

Product sheet

This smartphone was lent to us by Nokia as part of this test .
In a nutshell, the Nokia 6.1 is … wide. Do not see any gravitational and unwelcome allusion. Simply, it is probably the best qualifier to describe the look of this smartphone. Or at least, the impression he gives off.
This is because the glass tile does not really extend to the edges of the front surface. Thus, beyond this glass, the aluminum frame all around increases even more Nokia 6 (2018). This is the story of an extra millimeter on each border, but it is clearly visible without being serious either. This is not a defect, but simply an aesthetic peculiarity.

For the default, we will rather mention the border below the display area, a bit too wide and that does not contain any button or fingerprint reader. There was definitely room to insert a second speaker, but the Nokia 6.1 would probably have cost more.
Beyond that, if the Nokia 6.1 has nothing to do with the beautiful Nokia 8 Sirocco, its design remains very satisfactory overall. Especially on the back, simplicity has been pushed to the extreme with an ultra-sober aluminum back. But the nobility of the material is very well put forward – especially on the black model that we tested, raised by some coppery notes on the edges of the telephone and the contours of the photo module. These same copper keys catch the light and allow the Nokia 6.1 to shine. No thousand fires (and still happy), let us get along. A small handful of lights are enough to make it pleasant to watch.

The photo module is also very stretched in the center, vertically. Since the lens is far from the flash, the Zeiss logo – a specialist in photography and Nokia’s partner – has plenty of room to be affixed. The camera is not protruding, but it still marks a very small bump.
Unfortunately, regarding the fingerprint reader, it is placed too low, stacked in the center of the back surface. It takes some time to adapt before finding it without difficulty, otherwise we tend to put the index on the flash of the camera – and it was not only me, I tested with three other people who also had trouble. At the bottom, the device proudly sports the Android One label for a sleek experience.

Quite thick, the smartphone does not present any particular problem to the handling except that the comfort of use can occasionally be hurt by the slices of the Nokia 6.1. These are not particularly sharp, but depending on how you hold the phone, they can “scratch” the palm.
The top of the Nokia 6 (2018) houses the jack while at the bottom we find the USB Type-C connector next to the speaker.
The screen of the Nokia 6.1 has a diagonal of 5.5 inches for a 16: 9 ratio. “Old fashioned”, what? It offers a full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels). A detail immediately jumps to the eyes: the white is not white. It is even downright blue.
Calibration of the colors really lacks accuracy and it’s a shame. Our colorimetric probe is also categorical and displays a temperature of 9000 K which generates a very cold white. In addition, it is not possible to set this detail in the phone settings.

It is especially on video content that we feel the most this fault. As for everyday tasks such as web browsing or consulting applications of all kinds, let’s say that the less demanding will not be bothered, but that from the moment screen quality counts in your purchase decision, it is an element that is good to know.
The maximum brightness of 438 cd / m² is perfectible, but remains very correct even if it can be a little lacking in heavily lit environments, but in most cases, it is fine. The 1255: 1 contrast is good. Nothing special to report on this subject.
The Nokia 6.1 takes advantage of the Android One label which guarantees reactive updates of the operating system. The manufacturer already respected this commitment on its 2017 models, but since 2018, it continues that under the umbrella of Android One.
Thus, we are entitled to the milling 8.1 Oreo of Google’s OS in a totally uncluttered version. Nothing special to say about it except that it is extremely simple. As for the aesthetics, well the application icons are simply faithful to the look imagined by Google, neither more nor less. Personally, I like a lot.

If you love Android in its simplest device (Google services are obviously part of it, it is better to specify), this device is ideal for you, in the right line of the philosophy of Nexus where the home interfaces of manufacturers are not not in conquered country.
Note however that as for the customizations of the interface, you will have to opt for an alternative launcher if you want to adjust the grid and the size of the icons for example. A small gallery of wallpapers is however available, but that’s about all that can be put forward in terms of customization.

Like the design of the smartphone, the interface is as simple as possible, not the least third-party application preinstalled, no frills. The storage space is 32 GB, expandable by microSD.
The camera of the Nokia 6 (2018) has a definition of 16 megapixels and certification Zeiss, the photo partner of Nokia. Verdict? Not bad. In lenient conditions, he manages to capture the colors of the stage and offers a level of detail to meet expectations. For a smartphone less than 300 euros, it’s really more than correct, even if it’s far from perfect.

Indeed, in some images mixing dark and very light areas, the sensor shows some weaknesses in the dynamics management and some elements are either overexposed or underexposed. But given the price of the smartphone, it would be difficult to really stick to it.

So do not expect anything particularly exceptional for photo quality, but it remains relatively satisfactory day, in good conditions. Just take a moment to tap the Nokia 6.1 screen once, where you want to focus, because the smartphone can take a little time to manage on its own. situations.

The camera also manages to get along very well on close-up photos where the bokeh effect is pretty good.

In low light on the other hand, the camera has a lot of trouble to focus, the noise is ultra-present. The quality of the images is greatly diminished.

Also note that like the Nokia 7 Plus and 8 Sirocco, the camera’s Pro mode of the Nokia 6 resumes that of the time of the Lumia. Simply slide your finger up and down on the shutter button to display the shooting settings.

The Snapdragon 630 and 4GB of RAM of Nokia 6.1 guarantee beautiful experiences on video games. When you want to enjoy good quality textures by pushing the settings to a higher level, we see that the phone is unable to fetch the 60 FPS. A problem ? Not that much. It just displays about 25 to 30 frames per second fairly steadily on Arena of Valor. Some slowdowns are to be deplored, but they remain rare and intervene almost exclusively during fights in MMORPG (ex: Lineage 2 Revolution) particularly animated.
The performance of the phone is therefore far from disappointing. On daily tasks, he is doing very well and is not worried when a large number of applications are open at the same time. Keeping in mind that this is a mid-range, it can be argued that this is a good device to play. Nothing to do with premium smartphones, but still good.
Nokia 6.1 (2018) Sony Xperia XA2 HTC U11 Life Nokia 6 (2017)
SoC Snapdragon 630 Snapdragon 630 Snapdragon 630 Snapdragon 430
AnTuTu 7 90718 89185 93,491 n / c
PCMark 2.0 4879 5054 4,856 3,717
3DMark Sling Shot Extreme 822 820 835 296
3DMark SSE (Graphics) 714 712 727 242
3DMark SSE (Physics) 1747 1755 1,738 1,315
GFX Bench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen) 5.9 / 5.6 FPS 5.9 / 5.5 FPS 5.4 / 5.5 FPS 2.5 / 2.5 FPS
GFX Bench Manhattan (onscreen / offscreen) 15/14 FPS 15/14 FPS 14/14 FPS 7.1 / 14 FPS
Sequential read / write 269/116 MB / s 273/126 MB / s 265/209 MB / s 274/78 MB / s
Random read / write 10,2k / 3,8k IOPS 11,2K / 3,4K IOPS 11K / 12.3K IOPS 8.6k / 2.8k IOPS
In the benchmarks above, we can see that the Nokia 6.1 is hovering at about the same level as the HTC U11 Life who had convinced us at that level. Also, the superiority over the Nokia 6 of 2017 is clear and clear. Note that the phone heats a little, but very diffuse. Nothing unbearable for our poodles, rest assured.
The Nokia 6.1 has a very good battery life with a conventional 3000 mAh battery. However, prolonged sessions of 3D video games can quickly tire him – typically on a part of PUBG where you finish in the Top 5.
Apart from that, on videos, calls, web browsing and messaging – more traditional uses, let’s – the smartphone is very good at keeping the road. He will never impress you on this point, certainly, but he will still be able to accompany you until the end of the day, without problem.

During our test protocol, he managed to hold 8 hours and 45 minutes which is honorable and fits in a correct average. Recall that this protocol simulates a very intensive use and especially a video game that, as mentioned above, quickly tires the smartphone.
Thus, we note that the Nokia 6.1 is a smartphone satisfactory in everyday life in terms of autonomy, but the fast charge is unfortunately not included in the smartphone box while the latter is compatible.
Network and communication
During a call, the phone can not completely cover the ambient noise. Nevertheless, my interlocutors have always been able to hear me clearly despite the noise (motorcycle, siren …). The GPS never failed me while I could always hang the network 4G Orange. Know, moreover, that the Nokia 6 (2018) is compatible with all French 4G frequency bands.
Price and availability
You will find the Nokia 6.1 at 279 euros from most merchant sites. This is a price much more attractive than the Sony Xperia XA2 and HTC U11 Life that do not yet fall below 300 euros.
Photo gallery

Nokia 6 Test (2018) The verdict

Even if it really gives the impression of being wide, the Nokia 6 (2018) manages to seduce by its ultra sober but elegant design. Two details tarnish the picture: the location of the fingerprint reader and the thick bottom border that is not operated by a speaker or the famous fingerprint sensor.

The screen is really badly calibrated and displays blue instead of white. A detail that may not bother much everyday, but it is still important to mention it. In some situations, the maximum brightness may be a problem, but it is quite rare. The contrast, meanwhile, is good.

Android One = Android pure and regularly updated. Nothing special to add on it. The interface may not fail under a ton of features, but it promises simplicity and that’s exactly what it provides.

Appreciable photos in good shooting conditions with beautiful colors and a good level of detail. But the quality peaches a lot when the night falls. For this price range, it’s not a surprise.

The Nokia 6 (2018) is certainly not a beast of power, but for a mid-range, it ranks among the best students thanks to its Snapdragon 630 well operated. This will allow you to enjoy very good and enjoyable gaming sessions and a smooth user experience.

The smartphone can run out a little fast on 3D games and online. Apart from that, he is doing very well on the uses of everyday life. The Nokia 6 (2018) has a good day full, even working quite well.

The Nokia 6 (2018) – or Nokia 6.1 – is a good mid-range smartphone that is all about sobriety and is therefore ideal for people who do not seek the unnecessary bling-bling. His good points can be summarized as follows: a simple but effective interface, good performance and a satisfactory autonomy. Thus, he is not satisfied simply to be functional and knows to put forward interesting qualities. It should be noted that its convincing design is a little diminished by the positioning of the fingerprint reader and that the night photos suffer from a quality just too good. But above all, it is the calibration of the screen that is probably the biggest flaw of this smartphone with a display too bluish. Despite these few false notes, the Nokia 6.1 is a smartphone that can be recommended for less than 300 euros. The score of 8/10 is justified by the fact that its price knows how to be more attractive than the Sony Xperia XA2 or the HTC U11 Life which offer more or less the same thing. A pure Android experience at an affordable price … Even if Nokia does not want to assume this role, the brand offers a smartphone worthy of Google’s Nexus.

Good points
Android One sober and effective
Good performance
Satisfactory autonomy
An interesting price

Negative points
Improperly placed fingerprint reader
A screen too blue
Poor photo quality at night

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