Nomisma, Gas under 100 euros, towards the reduction of bills – Economy

“The real news is that the gas price has fallen below the 100 euro threshold and therefore bills will stop increasing, indeed a reduction is expected in the coming months“. Thus the president of Nomisma Energia, Davide Tabarelli. “In Italy, but also in Europe, we should create more systems for the extraction of gas and to produce energy. Seeing to import LNG from Texas is absurd, we should ask the Netherlands to Norway to see us the gas at the lowest price, let’s reconsider Libya which is full of gas. We are moving towards rationing, everyone knows. We can only do it if it is hot but it is winter “.

Further drop in natural gas prices at the Ttf in Amsterdam. Futures contracts for the month of November yielded 14.9% to 96.65 euros per MWh, confirming the level of last June 14th. Methane prices in London are down by 13.04% to 177.5 pence per single Mbtu. Stock levels pushed prices down to 93.43% in the EU, with 1040.79 TWh of accumulated reserves and milder-than-average temperatures across the Continent.



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