Nóra Devil from the scene, she loves the Asian Express (photos)

They really hit this set, which Nóra Devil wears in the desert, where the conditions can be very hot and the filming is already in full swing.

Many people loved the seasons of Asia Express, which were all special and a format that constantly engages people. Obviously, such a show requires very serious preparation, much more than when it is shot in a studio in Hungary.

External locations always carry unexpected moments, especially when events take place in a foreign country. There are a lot of unknown factors, and this is even more true when one is shooting in Asia.

A totally different culture, with different people, customs, and so on. This is exactly what makes the whole thing special, and the stars who can take part in it can call themselves very lucky.

Melanie the Great betrayed her relationship with GwM was absolutely unresolved

TV2 has put together a very strong star team, there are some big names in the field and we have come across several surprise starters. We can’t wait for the first episode to be screened, but it’s even further away as filming has only just begun.

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