Nord Stream 2: Helpless reaction from Berlin

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AChancellor Gerhard Schröder paid much more attention to the Bundestag’s Economic Committee on Wednesday than usual. That was due to Schröder’s prominence, his controversial role as “Kremlin lobbyist”, and also what he said: he was the only expert among the experts who spoke clearly answer the sanctions of the Americans against the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline with counter-sanctions.

It is easy for Schröder. He no longer has political responsibility and is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nord Stream 2.

All other experts, MPs, and government officials struggled with how Germany and Europe should respond to the Washington threat – which, incidentally, is not that of the White House but of Congress. It was pointed out helplessly that Europe had to speak with one voice.

This is unlikely to happen since Nord Stream 2 is highly controversial in the EU. Yes, America goes too far, but gets away with it because Europe is weak and divided. The knowledge is as painful as it is true: the strong make the rules, the EU is not one of them.



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