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Nord Stream 2: Nuland announces deal at the expense of third parties

by archyw

Germany and the USA have reached a compromise in the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia and the EU should show that Washington is no longer torpedoing the project.

According to AFP, the agreement consists, among other things, of extending the transport of Russian gas through Ukraine by ten years in parallel with Nord Stream 2. The previous contracts expire in 2024.

In addition, Berlin had undertaken to take unspecified measures against Moscow in the event of “aggressive behavior” by Russia towards Ukraine and to work towards sanctions at EU level.

The deal was announced by V. Nuland, of all people, who achieved notoriety through the slogan “Fuck the EU”. She wanted to express that the USA is making its own Ukraine policy, regardless of Berlin or Brussels.

Now Chancellor Merkel has to explain how she wants to bring Russia and the EU on a German-American course …

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PS Politically, the deal is also at the expense of Ukraine. The country was passed over in the negotiations and is now demonstratively turning to China …

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