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Normandy: "as a precaution", Ferrero temporarily closes its biggest factory in the world of Nutella

SUSPICION – The Italian agribusiness company that produces the most famous spreads, has announced the temporary closure of the production site of Villers-Ecalles, in Seine-Maritime, to conduct investigations after spotting a "lack of quality" .

To the question of whether it is a bacteriological problem, Ferrero France said it was unable to answer. The French subsidiary of the Italian family group, which manufactures the most famous hazelnut spreads, has decided to "temporarily suspend", as a precaution, the production of the world's first Nutella production site in Villers-Ecalles. Seine-Maritime. In question ? "A quality defect".

"Tuesday, February 19 at 18 hours, reading the results of one of the quality controls in our factory Villers-Ecalles, we have identified a quality defect in one of the semi-finished products used in the manufacture of our products Nutella and Kinder Bueno ", details Ferrero. And to continue: "this defect does not correspond to our standards of quality, so we made the decision to temporarily suspend the activity of the factory".

"No product currently on the market is concerned"

The shutdown of the Norman plant will lead to investigations whose "results will be known by the end of the week and allow us to take the necessary corrective measures," says the press service, adding that the "investigations" are "in progress". Risks for French consumers? "For now, we can say that no product currently on the market is affected by the situation and that the supply of our customers continues without interruption," reassured the company to finish.

The Villers-Ecalles plant produces 600,000 pots per day of the spread consisting of 56.3% sugar and 30.9% fat, or a quarter of world production.



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