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Normandy. FESTIN DU HAVRE 2/3 | Humanity

By the end of the Second World War, there was not much left of the city of Le Havre, 80% destroyed by 8,200 tons of bombs. To rebuild it, the state chose the architect Auguste Perret, who was going to imagine with his teams, some inspired by Le Corbusier, an airy urbanism and a habitat with a human face. The homogeneity of the project earned him in 2005 to be listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. For a good preamble to discover this city of the 1950s both ultramodern and classic – its jewel is the Church of St. Joseph, a concrete rocket ready to take off! – You have to visit the "test apartment", a copy of the one presented to the Havrais during the reconstruction. This gigantic construction site was also the laboratory of new construction techniques.

"Concrete is the stone we make," said Perret. Why this material? Because there were gravel nearby and the sand here was prohibited, salt is not recommended for the building. French windows made for "the upright man", according to the chief architect, until the alignment of the "islets" of buildings and the organization of the streets, everything was calculated according to a measure. stallion fixed by Perret. This bias made it possible to prefabricate the elements of the new sets in series. The facades are not single-colored, because we have used various methods – bush-hammering, chiselling, polishing … – to make concrete, the composition of which has also varied according to the quantities of sand, cement and gravel used. Several Perret disciples have reproduced this model in the Paris region, as in Malakoff or Pantin.

To shop without intermediary, we head to Gonfreville-l'Orcher, a town located at the gates of Le Havre. The shop of the 8 Farms is housed in a closed-hovel XVII e century, typical habitat of the country of Caux. This Pradon farm, property of the Palfray family since 1872, including a mansion, farm buildings, a bread oven, a cart – a vast set of beautiful brick, sandstone and flint notebooks – a courtyard planted with apple trees for the production of cider or brandy, a pond, and slopes planted with beech trees more commonly called "ditches". Emmanuel – fifth generation of Palfray to work the land – grows sugar beets, wheat, flax, potatoes, while raising chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys and geese. It also makes ice ciders, raw to medium dry, and apple juice. Its fowls are scattered under orchards high stems that give fifteen varieties of apples, among which Saint-Nicolas, metais, gray clay, big carnation, hauchecorne, red binet, small yellow …

Emmanuel markets its products under the brand name Normandises du Pradon. Light and fine, not very sweet and thirst-quenching, its ciders are made according to the Champagne method, that is to say neither pasteurized nor gasified (except in case of "glitch"). You can buy your bottles at the 8 Farms boutique, just like the products that partner farmers bring each week, pros who lead projects together and invest to reduce operating costs or resale prices. The range is complemented with cheeses, honey, duck, among others, from a selection of farmers. A large refrigerated display case protects the meat of veal, beef (including Norman breed), lamb, pork, chickens and other poultry depending on the season. The assortment of dairy products – yogurt, raw cream, butter, pont-l'évêque, livarot, pavé d'Auge, triple heart, camembert … – occupies a whole cupboard. The market gardener proposes, good year or year, fifty varieties of vegetables. There are also succulent preserves: pâtés, rillettes, duck confit. A real farm produce market!


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