A 19-year-old man died after a fight with his 30-year-old neighbor. The victim was stabbed several times, including a mortal.

It is a brawl between neighbors who would be at the origin of the drama. A 19-year-old man received several stab wounds from his neighbor during a late-afternoon fight in Lomme, a town near Lille, said The voice of the North.

A conflict that turns into a drama. According to the newspaper, a conflict between the two neighbors would have erupted around 18 hours and the tone would quickly rise between the thirties and the victim, in this small building of two floors. The young man thus received several stab wounds, including a mortal. According to the various testimonies collected by the police, residents said that the young man regularly listened to music at a very high volume.

Other witnesses say that they saw the young man's friend go out on the bloody street. The case is still ongoing.


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