North america. Towards the end of Nafta ?

North america. Towards the end of Nafta ?


Donald Trump casts doubt on the fate of Nafta “did not have what it takes to surprise the”galerie ” , the daily notes that quebec Duty, who pointed out that during his meeting with the Prime minister of quebec Justin Trudeau on 11 October at the White House, the american president has shown more than evasive on the future of the free trade Agreement north american, repeating :

It is possible to reach an agreement and it is possible that it is not.”

But the american president went further by evoking outright exclusion of Mexico to conclude rather a bilateral agreement with Canada. the “A possibility that has not rejected the Prime minister of canada”, highlights Duty.

Exit Mexico ?

“I continue to believe that Nafta is the best way for our three countries to face the competition within the global economy”, has assured Justin Trudeau. But for the first time, the canadian Prime minister has shown a willingness to consider a return to bilateral free trade, ruling out Mexico, which has been the target of the most severe critics of Trump in terms of commercial relationship.

“We will continue to work seriously and diligently on the negotiations of the Nafta. But at the same time […] we must be ready for everything. And we are ready for everything,”, said Justin Trudeau.

For The New York Times, the abandonment of the 1994 treaty could have far-reaching consequences on the world economy and its repercussions would be felt “far beyond the Mexico Canada and the United States, and could affect areas as diverse as the industry (especially the automotive industry), agriculture and energy”.

A repeal complicated

Duty stresses that “the abrogation of the tripartite agreement would not be as simple, […] especially because its creation has been submitted to the House of representatives and in the Senate american in 1993”.

And the daily quebecers to conclude : “Since the Nafta was approved by both chambers [of Congress], it would be necessary that his revocation be endorsed by way of legislation.”

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