North America trapped in a ‘heat dome’… Mass death of overripe mussels, even forest fires


Western North America, such as the United States and Canada, is currently suffering from a hot dome phenomenon. Hundreds of millions of sea creatures are slaughtered. Two firefighters died as a result of the forest fire.

Correspondent Hong Hee-jung.


Red flames engulfed the entire forest.

The sky was colored orange by the pillars of fire soaring high in the sky.

A wildfire in the Korean National Forest in northern California burned more than a third of Seoul’s area in eight days.

[제이크 케이글/플루마스국유림 소방본부장 : 가축이 있든 어떤 상황에 놓였든 당장 짐을 싸서 대피하셔야 합니다.]

Twenty houses were completely burned down.

[필 불가렐로/산불 피해 주민 : 정말 심각했어요. 물도 없었고, 아무것도 없었어요. 불길에 맥주를 부을 수밖에 없었어요.]

The evolution rate is still only 20%.

In Arizona, two firefighters were killed in a plane crash that was dispatched to the scene of the fire.

The momentum of the heat wave has not stopped.

Death Valley, famous for its high temperature, once again recorded the highest temperature on earth at 57 degrees Celsius on the 10th local time.

The official temperature of the National Weather Service was 53.9 degrees Celsius, which was not recognized as the highest record, but tourists lined up to take commemorative photos.

Sea creatures were also killed.

Hundreds of millions of open-mouthed mussels have died off the Pacific coast of western Canada.

[조 타노우스키/’바인즈 사운드 굴’ 사장 : 굴, 바지락, 홍합들이 익어버렸어요. 여기 홍합들은 대부분 폐사했어요.]

It is estimated that more than 1 billion animals have died if other sea creatures such as sea cucumbers and crustaceans are included.

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[브라이언 티머/빅토리아대 연구원 : 기후변화가 지금 일어나고 있다는 걸 보여주고, 우리는 그 영향을 보고 있습니다.]

Experts warn that extreme events will become more frequent in the future due to climate change.

(Screen source: CBS, Facebook ‘weathernation’)