North Carolina, Washington and Virginia are the best countries for the economy 2022

According to a statistical analysis of CNBCthe highest states in the country for business 2022, North Carolina, Washington and Virginia are the best places for the industry.

The analysis is not a study or opinion research, but rather a data report that measures 88 metrics, including construction, infrastructure, cost of doing business and several others. Each state can receive a maximum of 2,500 points in all categories, and is then ranked based on the total results.

Some categories are stronger than others. The economy and infrastructure are bigger than access to capital or costs of living. The report says that the categories are monitored in various ways. Access to capital is monitored by US capital programs and cost of living is an index of basic costs.

The complete rankings.

According to the US Department of Commerce, only one of the states in the top five is Texas, among the seven most competitive countries for Gross Domestic Product. Some of the largest states in the country, such as California, New York and Florida, are showing even lower business rankings.

The largest monthly rent increase in 36 years adds to inflation.

The worker is the force behind the decision to hire a CEO after a boss, according to the North Carolina government. Roy Cooper said to CNBC. The United States sees North Carolina as a place where they can depend on community colleges, the largest number of public and private universities in the country, to ensure they have the capacity they need. The report came as the US economy is facing a drop in inflation. According to June CPI figures, inflation reached a 41-year level of 9.1% in one year.

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California will send the United States an inflation bailout of up to $1,052 — who qualifies here.

United States President Joe Bidensaid that the Federal Reserve could be satisfied with those high inflation figures and that Tom Porcelli, the economist at RBC Capital Marketswarned that the Federal Fund should have zero attention for it, in July or September.