North East Béarn: mayors come together to solve the housing deficit

Thus, Benoît Dupey, head of the Habitat Mission at the Departmental Council, presented the Housing Plan 64 aimed at developing a varied and adapted housing stock, in particular by supporting the creation of social housing.

Thierry Carrère, president of the intercommunality, underlined “the importance of this system which is aimed at all the municipalities of the territory, with financial and engineering support from the Department, both for the construction of new constructions and for rehabilitation projects.

“Well at home” program

Then, Valérie Paulien, from the Mission Habitat, recalled the methods of support for private housing within the framework of the “Bien chez soi” program of general interest. This system, aimed at owner-occupiers and landlords, subject to means testing, provides technical and financial support for adapting housing to loss of autonomy, for work to combat fuel poverty and unworthy or very degraded housing.

For this new program running until 2026, the main funders are the National Housing Improvement Agency (ANAH), the Department and the Community of communes.

The editorial staff advises you

Finally, Virginie Brosset, advisor to the France Rénov’Nord Est Béarn platform, presented the role of this platform run by the Soliha association and financed by the Sare program (Support service for energy renovation), supported by the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Community of Municipalities: “Our mission is to support individuals in their project to improve thermal comfort (hot/cold) of their homes and the reduction of energy consumption. This assistance is both technical and in the mobilization of funding”. Offices by appointment (with the Community of North East Béarn municipalities) are held in Morlaàs, Lembeye and Soumoulou.

The elected officials expressed their interest with numerous exchanges. “It was important to show these different devices. Because almost all situations can find technical and financial support to develop and diversify the housing offer on our territory, as well as to respond to the strong concerns of reducing energy expenditure,” concluded Thierry Carrère.