World North Korea announces resumption of nuclear tests

North Korea announces resumption of nuclear tests


It's a new coup by Kim Jong-un for the new year. The North Korean leader, believing that negotiations with the United States are not progressing, announced the end of the moratorium on the nuclear tests and the tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles. He also promised "staggering" action against the United States, which reacted in moderation, however. "We have no reason to continue to be bound unilaterally by this engagement," the North Korean state agency KCNA said on Wednesday, reporting Kim Jong-un's remarks to officials in his ruling party. "The world will discover in the near future a new strategic weapon that North Korea holds." Kim Jong-un said in 2018 that North Korea no longer needed nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile tests. In previous years, North Korea had conducted six nuclear tests and launched missiles capable of reaching the entire continental United States.

Kim Jong-un's statements reported on Wednesday seem to invalidate nuclear diplomacy for the past two years, with US President Donald Trump regularly referring to the "promise" made to him by the North Korean leader. “We did sign a contract that talks about denuclearization. It was sentence number one, it was done in Singapore. I think he is a man of his word, "Donald Trump said again Tuesday, referring to the first historic summit between the two leaders in Singapore in 2018.

But talks between the two capitals seem to have stalled since the failure of a new Kim-Trump summit in Hanoi in February 2019. Before the central committee of his Workers' Party, Kim Jong-un made it clear that Korea North was ready to continue living under an international sanctions regime to preserve its nuclear capacity.

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US wants "peace, not confrontation"

"The United States makes demands that go against the fundamental interests of our state and behaves like a rogue," he said, quoted by KCNA. Washington "Conducted Dozens of Joint Military Exercises [With South Korea] That President [Donald Trump] Personally Promised to Stop", Sent High-Tech Military Equipment to the South and Tightened Sanctions against the North, added the North Korean leader. "We will never sell our dignity," he said, promising action "staggering to make pay [in the United States] the price of the pain suffered by our people."

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Like Donald Trump, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted in moderation. "We want peace, not confrontation," said Mike Pompeo in an interview with CBS. "We want to continue to leave open the possibility that the leader of North Korea will make the choice that is best, both for himself and for his people," he added. "If President Kim has reneged on his commitments to President Trump, it is deeply disappointing," said Mike Pompeo. "I hope he does not follow this path," he said on Fox.

For months, Pyongyang has been calling for an easing of international sanctions imposed on it for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, while the Trump administration believes that North Korea needs to take more concrete action before get that relaxation.

"Fire and fury"

For Harry Kazianis, a researcher at the Center for the National Interest, an institute based in Washington, "Kim Jong-un is playing a dangerous geopolitical game". "North Korea has placed an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] on the temple of Donald Trump in the hope of obtaining the two concessions which it holds most: a relaxation of sanctions and a guarantee of security "Said Harry Kazianis. "He is betting that the threat of a new demonstration of its ability to strike American territory with a nuclear weapon will push America to make more concessions," said the researcher.

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But, he said, it is unlikely that this strategy will be effective, as it is likely that Washington will respond with "more sanctions, a stronger presence in East Asia and more" fire and rage "threats in the Donald Trump's Twitter account. " In 2017, at a time of great tension between Pyongyang and Washington, Mr. Trump had threatened to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea.


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