North Korea mobilizes central medical team to fight intestinal epidemic – news

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North Korea mobilizes medical teamsdate June 19, Reuters reported that North Korea mobilizes a central team of doctors and epidemiological investigators to South Hwanghae Province. to cope with the outbreak of acute intestinal disease After at least 800 families fell ill with the epidemic.

KCNA, North Korea’s official media Report on government efforts to prevent including quarantine Rigorous screening for all residents of affected areas.

including special treatment and surveillance for vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. and carry out disinfection including sewage and other waste for the safety of drinking water and household water

The National Urgent Treatment and Diagnostics Team is working with local health officials and taking measures to ensure that Cultivation of crops and cattle raising in key agricultural areas will not be interrupted.

The new outbreak was notified on Thursday, June 16. exacerbated by chronic food shortages and the outbreak of COVID-19 in North Korea


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